Granules Applicators

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$699.00 inc. GST
The Guarany granule spreader is for any application needing uniform broadcast spreading of granulated products such as seeds, fertilisers, insecticides and fungicides. For seeding it can be used for grasses, vegatables or cereals. The machine is operated by use of the lever handle. Pushing the handle rotates a flywheel-connected spreader fan. A control adjusts the flow of granules onto the fan. The lever is pumped intermittently to keep the flywheel spinning. Spreading width is 7m, to right side only. The great benefits of this machine over other spreaders are that the throw is from higher up, giving better and more even spread, and that it is to the rear of the operator, rather than in front - meaning less dust and shoe-contamination to walk through. Backpack is designed for maximum comfort. Tank capacity approx 6kg (depending on material).
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$599.00 inc. GST
This big applicator is another high quality Guarany machine that can be used for a wide range of granuated product such as seeds, fertiliser, insecticides or pesticides. The tank has a very wide 22cm neck, with strainer to break up compacted or clustered granules. Granule application can then be done in two ways. The trigger device can be set to the desired ‘shot’ dose for each squeeze of the trigger (gm/dose), or it can be set to run freely for the time the trigger is pulled (gm/min). Full instructions, including how to calculate and calibrate application rate are included. Flow of material is by gravity only. This machine features a nice padded backrest, and wide-webbing shoulder straps for greatest comfort. The whole device is made of plastic to elimate any corrosion problems. Weight empty is a low 4.8kg. The tank design ensures all granules are used right to the last.