Grazing Pumps


The Aquamat pump from La Buvette, France, is operated by the animal (cattle, horse) pushing on the quadrant pad with their nose. This action operates the pump, which can draw water from a depth of 7m or distance of 70m. Animals learn very quickly how to operate the pump, as there is always a small amount of water lying in the bottom of the bowl (which slopes to the back) which they try to access. This operates the pump. The Aquamat pump is a high-quality device ideal for providing water for up to about 20 animals. Use to keep stock out of dams and water ways. Best mounted on a solid wood or posts base.

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$499.00 inc. GST
The Kerbl grazing pump is a more economical unit that still does the same job. Cast iron bowl, aluminium quadrant. As long as it is used with an intake screen, this pump needs almost no maintenance. Pump volume 600ml per stroke (from minimal head). Suction from 7m depth or 70m distance with 1” delivery line. The pump can equally be operated by horses, cattle, foals or calves. Parts available.
NB: We strongly recommend use of the optional intake screen.