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Wingo™ organic bird repellent is a wonder. Spread a small amount onto a post, rail or rafter, and presto - no birds!! This stuff really does work. Birds just stay away. Wingo works by way of an odor and taste that is repellent to birds of all kinds, but is completely unnoticeable to humans and all animals. If you have birds messing all over your machinery - just spread some Wingo in a couple of places. They will stay away. If they are nesting in the rafters - just spread a small amount of Wingo here and there. They will disappear. If they are perching on your dairy rails or pipelines - just apply a few small spots of Wingo. They will be gone. Ducks pooing on your patio - put a little Wingo in a small dish. That will end it. Birds stealing your tomatoes - try a few little trays of Wingo on the ground near them. Even put it in a tree!

Wingo is not particularly sticky. It can be cleaned off fairly easily, when required. It seems to last at least one summer nesting season. Maybe more. There is no need to over-use it. Animals do not seem at all interested in Wingo, and so leave it alone. Weather does not seem to have much effect on it. A good idea to save any post-use cleanup is to firstly apply some masking or duct tape, then put the Wingo onto the tape. Wingo is approved in NZ by AsureQuality for use in dairy, food and beverage premises. Wingo is made solely from plant-based ingredients. Even water runoff from Wingo-treated areas is safe to drink. So for a completely safe and bird-friendly repellent, use Wingo.

This product is totally innocuous smelling to humans, but creates a significant deterrent for wild animals of all sorts - rabbits, rats, foxes, wild pigs, deer, etc. For wide-area usage mix 1:160 ratio with water. For strip protection (approx 2m wide), mix 1:10 with water and spray as a barrier as required. For closely defined areas, mix 1:1 with water, and paint or spray on actual places (eg. house base boards).