217 652
$39.95 inc. GST
This mat uses the same proven principles as our other Hoofmats and Disinfection Mats, but is designed as a very low-cost alternative where footwear disinfection is required at the entrances to contamination-sensitive premises. The Mini-Mat features a strong mesh upper welded to an anti-bacterial PVC outer. Outer dimensions are 45cm x 45cm x 25mm depth. Liquid capacity is 3.5 litres. The mats can be used with any type of disinfection liquid, and can be supplied printed on top, to special order. To clean, place on edge, hose off, and leave to drain.
217 596
$109.00 inc. GST
217 599
$129.00 inc. GST
217 600
$169.00 inc. GST
Following experience gained from development and use of our Hoofmat for cattle lameness treatment, our high quality Disinfection Mats are now in high demand around the world for human use at entrances to disease sensitive areas and establishments. These mats feature a permeable upper fabric which enables disinfection of footwear, or anything else crossing it (dogs, carts, etc.). Bottom and sides are of non-permeable material to prevent leakage or leaching of disinfection solution. Simply pour solution on top of mat to fill: 85 x 60 holds 8 litres; 85 x 85 holds 12 litres; 85 x 180 holds 25 litres. All mats are 3cm thick, with a core of bonded urethane foam. To clean, place on edge and hose off. Leave to drain. Disinfection Mats can be used with any disinfectant or sanitizer.
219 339
$119.00 inc. GST
One Step Sanitiser --->“Simply Click and Spray”
Farmhand Strike-400 may be used to clean and disinfect a wide range of surfaces to specifically target common pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Farmhand Strike-400 disinfects and cleans in one simple labour-saving step. It comes complete with a spray device which attaches to a water hose. When activated using the trigger mechanism the device automatically dilutes the concentrate to the correct rate and delivers it in a spray form for simple ‘spray and leave’ application. Easy on-off trigger makes for efficient use of the product.
It is super-fast to apply, no guess work with diluting so you always get the correct dilution rate no matter who does the job. No wastage, no spillage, no left over product thrown away, no need to purchase separate spraying equipment, no clean up required, no contact with the chemical in concentrate form. Use exactly what you need each time and put it back on the shelf. Re-use until it is empty.
For use in calf pens, horse floats, stables, piggeries, kennels, catteries, poultry and much more.
3Ltr pack covers over 1,200 square meters
NB: Strike-400 has C41 MPI approval and has also been listed on the Deer Industry NZ website list for approved for use in velveting facilities..
Varicide has a wide range of uses in the home, on the farm, or in the vet clinic. It cleans, disinfects, deodorizes and protects. In the home use for washing walls, floors, benches, linen, nappies, toilets and sinks. Also use Varicide as a wound disinfectant for bites, grazes, tinea. Around the farm Varicide is the ideal general purpose cleaner and disinfectant for shearing equipment, wool sheds, calf feeders, calf pens, dairy premises, and controlling moulds and mildew in almost any industrial or commercial situation. Varicide is mixed at 10ml per 4 litres of water, making a cost of around 9c/litre of ready-to-use product, by far the lowest cost on the market.
217 658
$199.00 inc. GST
Here is the ideal shoe and boot disinfection mat for people who need to travel site-to-site and need a mobile disinfection facility. The foam-core mat is encased in a sturdy polyethylene box with lid. The mat can be pre-filled with solution, but will not spill, as the foam takes up all the liquid. It is then simply placed on the ground when required. No risk of spillage in a car boot or similar conveyance. Alternatively, the Mat-In-A-Box can be used at the entrance to sensitive premises and kept covered when not required. An ideal mobile disinfecting solution. Dimensions: 58cm L x 39cm W x 5cm D. Weight 4kg empty. Capacity 2.5 litres.
205 209
$12.95 inc. GST
A measuring jug for liquids is standard equipment in any farm dairy, workshop or stores shed. But measuring powdered materials is always more difficult, as they do not always pour easily, or lie level. The new Powder Measure is set to the required amount, then used to scoop up the material. Gentle shaking then lets powder escape down to the pre-set level. Very handy.
215 546
$125.00 inc. GST
Powder-coated steel locking cabinet with two doors, two shelves and locking cubby hole. Ideal for storage of first aid items, farm drugs and many other farm essentials - remedies, keys, etc. Dimension is H x W x D. Shelves clearance, bottom to top: 16cm, 14cm, 15cm. Lockup 18cmW x 16cmH.
215 545
$99.95 inc. GST
Powder-coated steel locking cabinet with two shelves. Ideal for storage of first aid items, farm drugs and many other farm essentials - remedies, keys, etc. Dimension is H x W x D. Shelves clearance, bottom to top: 11cm, 18cm, 11cm.