Needles Stainless Economy

Needles Stainless Economy products

"Needles Stless Economy 20gx1/2"""" 12pkZ "
213 405
$4.95 inc. GST
"Needles Stless Economy 18gx3/8"" 12pk "
213 404
$4.95 inc. GST
"Needles Stless Economy 18gx1/2"" 12pk "
213 403
$4.95 inc. GST
"Needles Stless Economy 16gx3/8"" 12pk "
213 402
$4.95 inc. GST
"Needles Stless Economy 16gx1/2"" 12pk "
213 399
$4.95 inc. GST
We chose these ‘economy’ stainless needles after trialling many brands from Asia. We are happy to promote these as ‘perfectly good needles’ at a very reasonable price. We guaranty you will be happy with them.
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