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Solid plastic device, stand on flat end and hook your heel in fork. Pull up. No bending and back straining for this simple task. Length 33cm o.a.

In 1927 Edward Goddard emigrated to New Zealand from Sheffield, England. He began making knives under the Victory Brand. Now nearly 100 years later, Vxictory is the leading brand of knife used in the meat, fish and food industries of New Zealand and Australia. They are still 100% New Zealand made.

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The food in this type of feeder is only available when poultry stand on the step plate. The feeder shutter then opens and the feed is available. This prevents access and contamination by birds and vermin. This is all activated by the weight of the bird - which can be set from 250gm to 5kg. The feed chamber has space-dividers to keep birds from competing with each other. Also an anti-spill lip to prevent fall-out of feed. The feeder is completely weatherproof. All zinc-plated with glass-nylon lid and step plate. Dimensions: 5kg = 26 x 28 x 40cm high; 8kg = 26 x 28 x 45cm high; 12kg = 33 x 23 x 50cm high; 20kg = 33 x 26 x 66cm high. Needs minor assembly on receipt. Instructions included. From Europe.
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The Excalibur Castle is a single-blade knife, suitable for general and skinning use. It features a wood grip and lock-open blade.
If you are just wanting to contain your chooks, rather than battling to keep predators out, then this 'plain' netting might be the answer. Available in two lengths. Easily joined together. Both fences are 112cm high. Mesh size is smaller at the bottom compared to the top. 25m fence has 8 x dual-prong plastic posts. 50m fence has 15 posts. Extra posts are available. Ideal fence for all poultry or small animals.
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This churn is more interesting than it appears at first glance. The glass jar is very big and strong with a total capacity of 4 litres. Working capacity is about 2.5litres. Churning is by way of a one-piece removable wood paddle set (easily removed for cleaning). Handle grips are oak with the main structure of cast metal. The crown wheel and pinion are of machined steel. Turn at around 40-50 revolutions per minute. Gear ratio is 1:4. Butter should be produced in around 20 minutes. Instructions included. Replacement jar available. This is a nice product.
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Food-grade 304 stainless funnel with integral mesh screen. Top 32cm dia. Neck 13cm dia. Ideal for use with our 10L, 20L and 40L milk cans.
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203 561
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Stainless steel hardware for home-kill use. Ideal accessories for the Fast-lock pulley system for home-kill. Gambrel is 28cm wide from 10mm rod, and S-hook is 16cm o.a. from 6mm rod.
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A versatile plastic-handled disposable scalpel that comes complete with a size 10 stainless steel scalpel blade. Each scalpel is individually sterile packed.
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When you need something really sharp, whether for minor surgical procedures such as lancing an abscess, or splinter removal, or for general hobby-type work. These small, safe scalpels are the answer. Safety cover can be removed and reversed to extend the 5cm long handle.

Carbon Steel blades are made from premium grade Swiss Sandvik steel. Packs of 100 blades