Big drinkers for larger numbers of poultry. Screw top with handle incorporated for easy movement. Easy to fill. Simple operation. Bowl is raised off ground for cleanliness. Plastic model is UV-stabilised. Dimensions: Both 70cm tall o.a. Tanks 29cm diameter. From Europe.

NB: Screw top must be closed firmly when in operation.

This is a very big solid drinker, standing on 3 heavy-duty legs. Heavy-duty cap and handle on top for easy transport and refilling. Water outlet can be closed when being moved for refilling, or not in service. Reservoir is translucent with water level visible.

Dimensions are:

20L: 62cmH x 36cmW. Bowl lip 16cmH

30L: 68cmH x 36cmW. Bowl lip 16cmH

40L: 78cmH x 36cmW. Bowl lip 16cmH