Big lid for easy filling. Big carry handle. Handle also features small locating lugs to prevent slippage off-centre when suspended. UV-safe. Dimensions: 60cm high x 17cm diameter. From Europe. Optional legs clip into bottom of drinker, raising it 10cm.

NB: Parts are available for these drinkers.

Usual Crown ball-type drinker, with addition of three sturdy extendable fold-away legs.
The two smaller Crown drinkers are simple press-fit onto the base, but the larger models twist-lock for positive attachment. This makes them easy to carry and shift, using the wire handles attached. Also the larger sizes have a flat top which serves to stand the drinker upright on when filling. Ball drinkers prevent chicks standing in the trough.
This drinker has the benefit of being able to be filled with a hose or bucket in the top, directly into the inner tank, whilst the drinker is on the ground. The white top-cover is then locked into place, allowing the drinker to be carried or suspended. This system is far more convenient, especially with a large capacity drinker, than having to fill while inverted. Alternatively by removing the 9-litre inner liner, the unit can be used as a 13-litre conventional ‘straight’ drinker.
This drinker is large and heavy duty. The base secures firmly to the water container. It can be carried, or suspended, by the strong wire handle. The big feature is that it can be filled in-place, without having to disassemble. To do this you will firstly have to close the two small water outlet valves at the base. The lid can then be unscrewed and the water container filled with a bucket or hose. The cap is then screwed firmly back on and the valves opened again. The drinker is then back in operation. Dimensions: diameter 41cm, height 40cm. Instructions included.
NB: Take special note of instruction included in drinker.
219 013
$69.95 inc. GST
This large hopper-type poultry drinker has a very large lid to be easily filled from a bucket or hose. The lid has two simple tabs to hold it down, and also an air breather valve in the peak. There is then a float valve in the bottom of the hopper which maintains a constant water level in the drinker bowl. This water level can be adjusted by wing-nuts underneath. The drinker rim height is only 7cm, so suitable for a wide range of birds. Diameter 44cm, height 50cm overall. Another quality Crown poultry product.
Pigeon-type drinker with Crown float valve and 1.5m of hose line. Clamp-type fitting connects to any low pressure water line. Water depth is not adjustable. Lid removes for cleaning. Dimension is outside diameter of lid.
The Crown Auto-fill drinker has a standard Crown float valve, 1.5m delivery hose and pipe connector system. The float is depth adjustable. The drinker is supplied with three sturdy extendable fold-away legs that can be folded under when watering baby chicks. Bowl is 185mm diameter.
The advantage of the straight-sided drinker is that the birds can drink without having to duck under the bulge of the water container. The bowl is also wider, allowing more drinking space. Certainly these are more suitable for larger birds. The container can be stood upside-down for filling.
Usual Crown straight drinker with addition of three sturdy extendable fold-away legs.
212 431
$129.00 inc. GST
212 432
$149.00 inc. GST
Large-capacity heavy-duty dent-proof drinkers from Little Giant, USA. These drinkers are easy to carry when full, with the big easy-grip cap handle. The cap screws securely onto the container with a large-section thread, and seals on an o-ring. A small screw-on cap is located on the container side, but is screwed on to the water outlet to stop leakage when the unit is being carried and filled. The container snaps into the plastic base. Spares kit contains breather cap and seals set.
205 200
$9.95 inc. GST
205 201
$12.95 inc. GST
205 199
$22.95 inc. GST
All-plastic atmospheric column type poultry water dishes. To fill, invert and remove base. Reattach base and set right way up. Air pressure supports the water column. As water is taken from the dish, air enters the chamber and water is let out.
Note: These drinkers are not UV resistant.