Rain Gauges

213 810
$22.95 inc. GST

Made by Fjord Manufacturing, this rain gauge is made to stand the rigorous New Zealand outdoors climate. The special UV resistant plastic formula and after-moulding annealing process, ensure this product will last many years of sun and rough use. Quick and easy to install with the multi-hole mounting plate. Simply screw or nail the plate to the appropriate post or pole, and slip the gauge onto it. Full instructions included. Length 30cm o.a. Measure to 150mm of rain.

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$10.95 inc. GST
These plastic rain gauges incorporate a ground spike, so can be simply pressed into the ground again after removing to read. The gauge has an 8cm-diameter cup and is 45cm long overall (including ground spike). Gauge concentrates the catchment into an easy-to-read narrow cone. Reading up to 40mm of rain.