Cutting & Clipping

215 828
$29.95 inc. GST
Especially suitable tool for finer hands. So light and comfortable you hardly know you are holding it. Usual Barnel features - high-carbon, non-stick, precision-ground blade. Soft and smooth TPR handles. Deep sap groove to self-clean blade. Rugged coil spring. Closure lock works from either side. This tool is ideal for rose dead-heading. Dimension is the length overall. Weight only 130gm.
215 827
$32.95 inc. GST
A very neat little tool especially suitable for fine work such as floral arranging, etc. 4cm-long needle tips slip into the smallest opening, with minimal disturbance around them. Usual Barnel high-carbon steel, non-stick, precision double-ground blades. Soft comfortable TPR grips. Positive-action slide lock accessible either side. Rugged coil spring. Dimension is the length overall. Weight only 125gm.