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$1,312.00 inc. GST
Run this portable shearing handpiece from any 12v auto battery for shearing anywhere, anytime. Motor power is 160W. Cutting speed is 2,250 strokes/min. Running time 4-5 hours on a fully charged car battery. Handpiece weight is 1.23kg. Made in Switzerland. One-year warranty.
**Supplied with ovina comb. Optional camelid comb available.
The 240v Heiniger Xpert shearing handpiece is more powerful and more robust than previous handpieces. The slim-line shape is easy to handle. The big difference in this handpiece is the change to a permanent-magnet motor. Even though the quoted power is low at 200W, the torque and power output is higher - somewhat like the difference between petrol and diesel power. The counter-balanced motor has very low vibration levels. This reduces fatigue during longer clipping jobs. Noise level is a very low 79dB. Weight only 1,180gm. Cutting speed 2,500 dbs/min. This handpiece is ideal for crutching, dagging/wigging and shearing smaller flocks of sheep, goats and camelids. Supplied with Ovina comb and Diamond Cutter. Optional camelid comb available.
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$79.95 inc. GST
Will fit all regular handpieces. Width 76mm o.a. Cut A-type 4-5mm.