This device has been developed to take the strain and pain out of piglet castration. Ideally for use on piglets 2-7 days old. When supplied complete with the removable mounting bracket, it is simply clamped onto the stall wall with the spring-loaded arms. The piglet is loaded in on its back, head first. The legs clamp is then swung forward to restrain the hind legs, leaving the testicles cleanly exposed. This makes castration a simple one-person job. Device can also be used for tail docking and vaccinations. All stainless steel. The cradle on its own can suit alternative mounting systems.
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$109.00 inc. GST
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$129.00 inc. GST
These big, lightweight plastic boards are popular in many pig-producing countries. They form a visual barrier for sorting any livestock in races or gateways. Handgrips on two side make them easy to use and versatile for various width races. Smooth surface easy to clean. Weight 4.6kg. Thickness 25mm.
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$19.95 inc. GST
Very nice quality stainless steel tooth clipper. Jaws feature a flush back-surface, for clean, close cutting of teeth. Length 15cm o.a.
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$199.00 inc. GST
The Tail Docker is powered by ordinary lighter gas. It cauterises as it cuts off the tail, preventing bleeding and inherent risk of spread of disease. Quick, simple, painless and safe. Should do 120 tails per fill. A customer reports: “Gas tail docker is marvellous. Now I can do tails, teeth, and iron injection all in one round. No abscesses or bleeding - great.” All Stainless steel manufacture.
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$22.95 inc. GST
This spray can be used to stop fighting and biting in pigs and poultry. It covers the animals’ individual odours, reducing their incentive to challenge each other. It is best sprayed onto pen walls, and into the air, twice a day until animals are settled.