Shepherd's Crooks

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The Super Crook is a patented design by a New Zealand sheep farmer in the 1990's. It subsequently won an Award of Merit at the UK Royal Show, and is becoming very popular in UK and New Zealand. This crook has multiple uses. It can be used as an immobiliser by cuffing a front and a hind leg together in the locking crook. The locking crook also serves as a perfect handle for using the neck crook. The fibreglass shaft will not shock if used through an electric fence. The Super Crook is very strong and totally reliable. Length is 130cm o.a. Weight is only 425gm.
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Alloy hook for attachment to any 22mm-diameter handle - wood or aluminium tube - to make into a crook as you prefer. Solid cast-alloy head. Length 15cm

Kea crooks are well known to New Zealand sheep farmers. They are proven to be of good design and reliable manufacture. Kea crooks are now manufactured by Shoof International Ltd., using all Kea original tooling and materials. All models are made from 12mm tempered aluminium rod, with quality plastic grips. Lengths o.a. are: Short 83cm, Short Combination 83cm, Combination 113cm, Long combination 140cm, Long 128cm, Traditional 130cm.