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The Sheep Cuff was invented and developed by South Australian sheep breeder Peter Durack in the early 1990’s. It is a simple device to quickly and conveniently immobilise a sheep. The two front legs and one back leg are slipped into the cuff which is then snapped closed (see photo). Very useful when a sheep needs checking or treatment (e.g. flystrike) to ensure it stays where you want it to. The Standard cuff will fit larger lambs (10 weeks or more), hoggets and ewes. Dimension is length o.a.

Kea crooks are well known to New Zealand sheep farmers. They are proven to be of good design and reliable manufacture. Kea crooks are now manufactured by Shoof International Ltd., using all Kea original tooling and materials. All models are made from 12mm tempered aluminium rod, with quality plastic grips. Lengths o.a. are: Short 83cm, Short Combination 83cm, Combination 113cm, Long combination 140cm, Long 128cm, Traditional 130cm.

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Very good quality natural latex rubber lamb teat. Ideal for new born or very small lambs. Fits bottles with 25mm o.d. neck size. No air inlet on teat.
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Macwells fostering oil has been around for many years, and is relied on by sheep breeders throughout New Zealand. The special oil formulation is highly concentrated. Squeeze just a few drops on the ewe’s nose, and the lamb’s head and tail. Keep ewe and lamb separate from other similarly treated pairs. Use to mother-up orphan lambs or lamb-less ewes. Bottle of 40ml. Use sparingly.

Top quality rings for castration and tailing. Made especially for Shoof International Ltd, New Zealand. Now available in Australia.