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For years farmers have tried various sprinkler systems to reduce flies and heat. Cool Cow is the new fly and heat control system from the New Zealand company Pesky Ideas. Cool Cow is the whole kit you need. It includes 65m of 4mm-i.d. heavy-wall plastic delivery line, plus all the fittings required to plumb it from your washdown pump pressure line. The plastic line is routed around the milking platform, herring bone, or rotary. It is then cut at regular points for the push-fit mister couplings to be installed (up to 30 of). A line cutting tool is supplied. The brass misters are then screwed into the couplings. A main tap and line filter are supplied. With the main tap on, the mist system operates as the yard pump is turned on and off as required.

Cool Cow is a great system for control of biting flies, and also for keeping cows cool and comfortable in the dairy. You will see immediate reduction in cow fidgeting, tail swinging, and cups kicked off. *The service kit includes one new filter plus 30 new misting nozzles. (These are recommended to be changed annually)