Milking Sleeves

204 648
$10.95 inc. GST
Our lowest price version. Made of water proof PVC material with simple elastic cuffs. Length 46cm o.a.
211 092
$34.95 inc. GST
Durable water-repellent black nylon pack-cloth with adjustable connecting shoulder strap to prevent slippage of sleeves, without the annoyance that elastic bicep band can cause. Wrist elastic closure bands. Long lasting material.
204 649
$24.95 inc. GST
These quality sleeves are made of durable water-proof urethane over nylon material, with comfortable 4cm wide elastic cuffs both ends. Length 50cm o.a.
221 159
$19.95 inc. GST

Waterproof urethane sleeves with elastic cuffs top and bottom. Length 45cm overall, with 35mm elastic cuffs.

204 647
$33.95 inc. GST
Durable water-repellent black nylon pack-cloth, with fully adjustable elastic and Velcro bicep and wrist closures, make this the most individual fitting and comfortable of our range, and also the longest lasting. Length 46cm o.a.