222 182
$225.00 inc. GST

Genuine high-quality hi-tech cord, made specially to withstand the heavy-duty requirements of automatic cluster removers. The cord is cut and chafe resistant, and extremely strong. (5x stronger than typical 4mm polyester cord.) Available as 100m rolls only. Made in New Zealand.

204 469
$21.95 inc. GST
204 471
$37.95 inc. GST
212 328
$159.00 inc. GST
Correctly formulated solution to ensure consistent mastitis testing. (Non-professional solutions can give varying results.) Generally testing requires 1 litre per 50 cows. Solution is added to the RMT paddle in at least the same amount as the milk. Ideally the solution is used from a squirt or pump bottle. RMT solution is non-toxic, but is coloured blue for easy identification. Coagulation of the milk sample indicates the presence of somatic cells in high concentration.
221 064
$6.95 inc. GST
204 474
$29.95 inc. GST
210 553
$29.95 inc. GST

The X-Spurt paddle makes RMT testing a fast and efficient one-hand operation as the 300ml (10fl.oz) X-Spurt reagent reservoir is also the handle for the paddle. Milk is entered in the paddle chambers and the paddle tilted in the normal way to reduce the samples to the usual 3ml (0.1fl.oz). A quick squeeze of the X-Spurt handle then enters equal amounts of reagent at the same time to all four samples. Swirling the paddle mixes the samples for usual coagulation recognition. The bottle capacity is 300ml, enough to RMT test about 15 cows.

207 556
$79.95 inc. GST
For separating one quarter from the other three quarters in cases of colostrum, haemorrhage and high cell count (and antibiotic contamination where regulations allow). Guaranteed unbreakable. Easy to clean. All antibiotic contaminated milk should be dumped, but the other three quarters should be suitable for calf rearing (or for sale where regulations allow). Our 8 litre Quartermilker features a low-profile non-capsize design and specially moulded soft rubber tubes which allow the cow plenty of free movement whilst milking. Large 9cm neck opening. All parts available. Instructions for use included.
212 626
$199.00 inc. GST

Excess hair growth on udders can be a serious source of contamination of milk, and also a factor causing mastitis infections. Eliminating excess udder hair reduces significantly the amount of mud and manure accumulating on the udder. This dirt can be a significant cause of environmental mastitis. Udder Singe uses a low-temperature butane flame to burn hair away in 1-2 seconds, without causing any pain or damage to udder or teats tissue. Singing of udder hair is common practice in the northern hemisphere. The Shoof Udder Singe is supplied complete with a 600ml canister of butane gas. The wand is 75cm long with a plastic grip. The flame is controlled with an adjustable valve, to produce a ‘lazy yellow flame’ which will not burn the udder (This flame can be tested by running your hand through it). One can of gas should singe 300-400 udders.

214 260
$499.00 inc. GST
215 206
$199.00 inc. GST

Tailwell has only three moving parts. Of these, only one - the self-lubricating sliding-block Rotator Bearing - is subject to any wear. The reduction in moving parts has resulted in a cutting machine that draws the minimum amount of power, ensuring the maximum number of tails are cut from each charge.

Tailwell should be used on a 14-volt cordless power drill, with an operating speed of 1,200 to 1,750rpm. (Higher or lower drill speeds do not cut better, and may damage the machine, voiding any warranty.) A lightweight drill with a high quality battery is the best to use. A quality Li-ion 1.5Amh 14v drill battery should allow trimming of about 70 tails per charge, depending on conditions.

The Tailwell is simply placed through the flexible drill sleeve, and the chuck tightened firmly on the drive shaft. The drill-sleeve is then pulled back firmly onto the drill body to prevent any rotation of the machine. The bungee cord is then put around the back of the drill, and pulled firm. This part is for safety only, to prevent the Tailwell dropping off the drill if the chuck becomes loose.

If tails are not contaminated by sand, the cutters should stay sharp for more than 2,000 tails (depending on conditions). Sharpening the cutters is easily done by inexperienced users. The cutters are removed by opening the drive case. (Tools are supplied for this.) Honing paste is then applied to the cutter faces and they are ‘ground’ together by hand. This process should take only a few minutes. DVD and hard copy instructions are supplied.

Most important is regular and frequent lubrication of the cutters. Special oil is supplied in the kit. Tailwell Cutter Lubricant has been formulated specially for this purpose. It is a non-throw, non-dust-gathering light oil which will not ‘clog’ the cutters. We strongly recommend continued use of this lubricant, available from your Tailwell stockist. Lubricant should be used sparingly but frequently on the cutter tips - every 30-40 tails (or more frequently with sand contamination).

If cutting performance drops, the cutter tension should be adjusted promptly, before hair becomes trapped between them. This is achieved using the three finger-only screws at the back of the cutter head. Follow instructions supplied. Cutters must be kept correctly tensioned at all times to ensure correct cutting performance and cutter life.

Learn more about the Tailwell.

Tailwell tail trimmer has been a big success around the world, but problems occur on farms with large herds, or where cows are bedded on sand. In these cases cutter wear is an issue. We have now produced an optional model, Tailwell TITANIUM. This has a titanium-nitride (TiN)-coated cutter set. (Gold coloured.) This should be good for 5,000-6,000 clean (non-sand-contaminated) tails, or up to 3,000 sand contaminated tails.

The TITANIUM cutter set can not be sharpened. (In fact attempting sharpening will be counter productive.) Honing paste is not supplied in this kit.

NB: As with our regular Tailwell, cutter tension must be checked regularly, and lubrication used regularly. All other regular Tailwell use and service instructions apply. Replacement titanium-coated cutter sets are available. These can also be fitted to standard-model Tailwells.

214 675
$399.00 inc. GST

The AirLine Sprayer uses compressed air through a special nozzle to emulsify the spray. This allows previously un-sprayable products such as Udder Comfort, to be easily sprayed. But the really big benefit is this system reduces the amount of remedy used by about 20-25%. With high-value products such as Udder Comfort*, this means the AirLine Sprayer will pay for itself very quickly. This is aside from the great savings in time that the AirLine Sprayer brings. The Airline Sprayer container holds one litre of product. This is held in one hand, with the AirLine Sprayer in the other. Air pressure required is about 40 psi and volume usage is not high, so a small portable-type compressor is all that is required to operate it. A controllable regulator is supplied in the kit.

204 099
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204 100
$20.80 inc. GST
Every cattle farmer needs a decent bloat knife. This one is made for the job. Just make sure it always hangs on the same handy nail to grab in that emergency. 10cm blade. 23cm over-all. Special quality sheath of heavy-duty leather, riveted around blade for safety and also with elastic safety loop for handle.
Tidy up your RMT testing with this very handy 1-LITRE pump bottle. Can be operated with one hand, holding paddle in other. Gives exactly the required 4ml of solution per stroke.
NB: This bottle is supplied empty.
204 473
$9.95 inc. GST
211 537
$9.95 inc. GST
RMT paddle designed and manufactured by Shoof with special features over other paddles: smooth and comfortable handle, tilt lines for both left and right hand use, slightly domed cup-bottoms to enhance coagulation visibility. Available blue or black for maximum reagent visibility. Quality long-life flexible-polypropylene manufacture.
222 080
$85.95 inc. GST
220 202
$349.00 inc. GST

For years farmers have tried various sprinkler systems to reduce flies and heat. Cool Cow is the new fly and heat control system from the New Zealand company Pesky Ideas. Cool Cow is the whole kit you need. It includes 65m of 4mm-i.d. heavy-wall plastic delivery line, plus all the fittings required to plumb it from your washdown pump pressure line. The plastic line is routed around the milking platform, herring bone, or rotary. It is then cut at regular points for the push-fit mister couplings to be installed (up to 30 of). A line cutting tool is supplied. The brass misters are then screwed into the couplings. A main tap and line filter are supplied. With the main tap on, the mist system operates as the yard pump is turned on and off as required.

Cool Cow is a great system for control of biting flies, and also for keeping cows cool and comfortable in the dairy. You will see immediate reduction in cow fidgeting, tail swinging, and cups kicked off. *The service kit includes one new filter plus 30 new misting nozzles. (These are recommended to be changed annually)