Stock Markers

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Raidex Raidl is a wax-based marker suitable for use on all types of livestock. (but not for use on wool). Ideal marker for pigs. Marks last longer than aerosol or dry raddle marks. Handy pocket-size wind-up tube, with sealing cap.Length 12cm, dia 3cm. Contents 75gm.
** 10-packs in single-colour only.
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$19.95 inc. GST

Make long lasting marks on livestock. This is a yellow roadmarking paint, which will stay on the stock through yarding, trucking and the works. Can works upside down to give up the full 350gm (425ml) contents. Lead free. Ozone safe. No more wasted paint and ruined brushes. Great value.

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From Shoof, these leg bands allow you to mark all the information required by the milker right on to the band. Mark whether this is the first, second or third treatment, and what the useable date will be for the milk, day and date and a.m. or p.m. Information is entered in two places to make the band readable from either side of the cow, without turning it around. The bands are printed on special durable reinforced paper material, which will not tear or deteriorate.
They have a simple glued tab at the end. Pull off the glue backing, and wrap the band around the cow’s leg. Band should be quite firm on the leg to prevent being hooked-off by other cows feet or other obstacles.
Note: For added security a traditional type Leg Band or Leg Strap should be attached to the other back leg.