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Repiderma is an aerosol spray, made in Europe by Intracare. It is part of their specialty “Hoof-fit” range of product especially for use before, during and after treatment of lameness. Repiderma spray contains adhesive and protective substances which ensure longest possible contact time with affected skin and lesions. Repiderma should be used twice only, 3 days apart. Covering the hoof after spraying with one of our specialty hoof bandages will also assist recovery. Repiderma is equally useful on hooves of horses, sheep, goats and pigs. It can also be used as a navel spray or post-dehorning spray.
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Intracare Hoof-fit topical gel is a highly-concentrated semi-liquid product made from only organic material. Hoof-fit gel contains aloe-vera plant extract. A brush is supplied for easy application to the hoof. Use Hoof-fit generously after trimming and repairing a damaged hoof. Give particular attention to the inter-digital cavity. Application can be repeated after 4-5 days.
NB: For reliable results the hoof must be bandaged for a short period (1-2 days) after application of gel. A short piece of cohesive bandage is quite adequate. Bandage must then be removed.
Intracare Hoof-fit topical liquid is generally used as a spray-application for the hooves of dairy cows, although it is also a very useful product for sheep and goat hooves. A typical way to use the product is with a low-pressure 'garden' sprayer. Most effective application is into the back of the claws where the liquid will run down into the inter-digital cavity. Weekly repeat applications are recommended in high-risk periods. Use Hoof-fit liquid at 50% dilution for initial application, and then reduce to 20% dilution for follow-up applications. Made only from organic ingredients.
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The Farmhand cotton hoof bandage was developed especially for the treatment of interdigital dermatitis in dairy herds. Interdigital dermatitis was a relatively uncommon disease in New Zealand and Australia, but in recent years its incidence has been growing quite fast. In such cases the interdigital cavity (between the claws) should be cleaned and treated. The Farmhand bandage should then be pulled onto the hoof. This will give considerable extra efficacy to any treatment. The bandage should self-destruct after about 3-4 days. If it is still evident after 5-6 days it should be cut off whilst the cow is milking.