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FuturaPad is a wood block with a specially impregnated (5mm) foam layer attached to the top. A small bottle of liquid polymerisation reagent is supplied. When the hoof is ready for attachment of the wood block (after following usual block-attachment preparation procedure) the liquid reagent is simply poured fairly evenly over the foam pad, and the block is then pressed onto the good claw (within maximum of 30 seconds). The block should be pressed quite firmly, without moving, for a full 10-seconds. Keep hoof raised for a further two minutes, then release. The Futura Pad block will slough off after 4-5 weeks.
Note: The FuturaPad polymer adhesive is very sticky. A pair of gloves is provided with each pack. Use them, if you wish to retain all the skin on your hands. Polymerisation is equally fast in warm or cool ambient temperatures.