Cow & Heifer

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These collars are well made and very strong. Tan oil-treated leather of best quality with heavy duty roller buckle. Sewn and riveted. Bull collar is made especially for show bulls, having no edges inside to mar the grooming job. Double-layer leather with web between. Extra rivets and stitching around buckle holes. Very high quality collar. Cow: 105cm x 36mm. Bull: 137cm x 50mm
Made in New Zealand by Taurus, these have been popular halters for many years. Double-layer stitched 25mm wide x 1.8mm thick nylon webbing, with metal buckle holes. Brass buckle and rings. The leading halter features a running chin strap to which the lead is attached. The tethering halter has a buckled chin strap with a tethering ring underneath.
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All hand-made from heavy-duty polypropylene rope. These halters have no metal parts to cause injury, and will stand up to the worst farm conditions. NB: Not available in white as pictured!
Calf: One piece 9mm rope with 2.1m lead.
Cow: One piece 12mm rope with 2.4m lead.
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Double thickness high quality webbing collars. Length 125cm x 4cm width.
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These halters are in the traditional Hackamore style, 10mm white cotton rope with cast metal buckles and steel chain loops. Fully adjustable quality halters from USA. Available white only.
Attractive round nose-strap, cheek halter of sleek bridle leather with hand-rubbed finish. Hardware is nickel-plated and includes 50cm chain, with leather lead strap. Quality halters from USA. Marked on strap: S = Calf, M = heifer, L = Cow, XL = bull. Calf = 300-450kg; Heifer = 400-650kg; Cow = 600-750kg; Bull = 700+kg.
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Good sturdy imported leading or tethering halters made of 35mm wide x 3.6mm thick heavy duty nylon webbing. Leather reinforced in buckle area. Nickel-plated hardware. Good adjustment range. These halters have a substantial feel about them. The European style of attaching the lead above the nose is ideal for show leading. Halter can be reversed for tethering if required.