The Cool-pak holster has all the advantages of the standard Vaxiholster, but with the advantage of thermal insulation to maintain cool temperature of sensitive vaccines, and to prevent over-heating of vaccines when work stops for tea-break or yard changing. Arm-mount model has an elastic arm band. On the chest-pack model the shoulder strap is detatchable, allowing the pack to be belt mounted.
210 077
$27.95 inc. GST
The Ezepak Belt is the ideal companion to the Ezepak Vaxiholster. The belt is the same as supplied with the Ezepak Drench System, but with addition of a special removable insert for the drench gun holder to make it ideal for packing a vaccinator. This insert part is also available separately if you need to convert your Ezepak Drench System belt for use as a vaccinator belt. The Ezepak Belt is ideal for use with any drench or injector gun up to 20ml, to enhance your drenching or vaccinating work.
210 078
$22.95 inc. GST
The Ezepak vaccine holster is made for ease of use and operator comfort. No messing around with those vaccine-pack neck strings. Just slip the pack into the holster for quick change-overs. The shoulder strap prevents the pack swinging about when working. Easy to get on and off. Pockets on pack for product label and needles pack.
NB: The Vaxiholster does not include the belt holster or vaccinator shown above.