210 079
$22.95 inc. GST
214 289
$23.95 inc. GST

The Cool-pak holster has all the advantages of the standard Vaxiholster, but with the advantage of thermal insulation to maintain cool temperature of sensitive vaccines, and to prevent over-heating of vaccines when work stops for tea-break or yard changing. Arm-mount model has an elasticized arm band. On the chest-pack model the shoulder strap is detachable, allowing the pack to be belt mounted.

Optimiser is the latest in the ISL extensive range. It incorporates everything they have learned so far, to make the ultimate remedy administration tool. User comfort has been the main design motivation, evident in the new soft-grip santoprene front handle. This feature reduces user fatigue, and allows for a secure grip in wet conditions. The handle cavities are filled in, to prevent accumulation of dirt. Dial-a-dose is through an improved highly-visible dose-rate window. No-waste dose adjustment (see box). The Optimiser stroke is longer than some similar equipment, reducing operator fatigue. All models feature the ISL patented NRG needle cap (see box) and multi-fit draw-tube connector for both 4.6mm and 6.4mm i.d. tube.


5ml vaccinator: 0.5ml to 5ml in 0.5ml increments
5ml metal nib vacc’r: as 5ml above, but features brass needle nib for extra strength.
12.5ml injector: 1ml to 12.5ml in 0.5ml increments

Glass barrel, and lack of any valves, make these quality syringes from Henke of Germany ideal for iron, copper or other corrosive pharmaceuticals. Luer-lock needle adaptor. Barrel volumes 10ml, 30ml and 50ml.
Dose rates: The 10ml syringe can be set to 0.25ml, 0.5ml or 1ml per trigger pull. The 30ml and 50ml syringes can be set to 1ml, 2ml, 3ml, 4ml or 5ml per trigger pull.
207 001
$199.00 inc. GST
207 000
$279.00 inc. GST
All metal high-quality German-manufactured Henke Vet-matic auto vaccinator. Permanently etched glass barrels for dose accuracy, comfort grip with delivery into back handle to clear animal, finely accurate dose adjustment, resistant to all vaccines and injectables, all parts available. Ideal for vaccinations. Supplied with silicone delivery tubing.
217 380
$25.95 inc. GST
217 381
$27.95 inc. GST
217 382
$27.95 inc. GST
The ISL Acu-vax replaces the old ISL Vaximate and V-Vaximate Vaccinator ranges. It uses the proven Vaximate 'V' hinge configeration which gives smoother lighter hand action in any position. The draw tube exits internally through the handle V joint for unobtrusive positioning for all vaccinating jobs. A feature of the Acu-vax is the polypropelyne barrel, resistant to all current vaccines. Also the all-metal nib which gives most positive needle-change action and reliability. The Acu-vax features the proven ISL patented NRG cap. (see box this page.) Acu-vax is supplied with two 18g x ½" st.steel needles, and one spare O-ring. (Draw tube not included.).
Doses: 1ml in 0.1ml graduations;-->2ml in 0.2ml graduations;-->5ml in 0.5ml graduations.
210 078
$22.95 inc. GST
212 437
$22.95 inc. GST
The Ezepak vaccine holster is made for ease of use and operator comfort. No messing around with those vaccine-pack neck strings. Just slip the pack into the holster for quick change-overs. The shoulder strap prevents the pack swinging about when working. Easy to get on and off. Pockets on pack for product label and needles pack.
NB: The Vaxiholster does not include the belt holster or vaccinator shown above.
203 903
$14.95 inc. GST
Very useful extension device for use with any Luer-lock vaccinator or syringe. The Slap Shot is connected to the vaccinator in place of the needle, and the needle is attached to the Luer-lock extension tube end-piece. Vaccinating can then be carried out more easily using the vaccinator in one hand and holding the needle in the other. Especially useful on unrestrained or fractious animals. Length 75cm o.a.
203 807
$44.95 inc. GST
203 808
$48.95 inc. GST
For direct attachment of remedy bottle or pillow-pack to vaccinator, by far the most convenient system for most low-dose vaccinating. Bottle mount can rotate 360° for convenient access through rails, etc. V-hinge handle assembly for smooth lightweight use. UsualISL patented NRG cap (see separate box). Bottle attachment incorporates air inlet.
Doses:-->2ml BMV - 0.2ml to 2ml in 0.2ml increments;-->6ml BMV 0.5ml to 6ml in 0.5ml increments.
The Ferro-matic vaccinator is manufactured by Henke-Sass Wolfe of Germany. This company is known around the world for its manufacture of high quality medical and veterinary equipment. The Ferro-matic is especially for use attached directly to the vial or remedy bottle, in packs up to 100ml. An air inlet system is incorporated to prevent vacuuming of the bottle. If remedy is in a pillow-pack (collapsing) bottle, where air admission is not desired, the optional No. 2 adaptor should be used.