214 535
$89.95 inc. GST
203 812
$92.95 inc. GST
203 819
$92.95 inc. GST

Just pick this one up to feel the nice grip and smooth action. The ultimate in ergonomic design. Highly visible Dial-a-dose indicator window. The barrel is easily unscrewed for cleaning and lubrication, and incorporates the front valve in a no-loss assembly. The valves are designed for easy flow of product. The Defender is supplied with required nozzles, and 1.3m of highly-flexible reinforced silicone 6.4mm i.d. delivery tubing. Doses: 20ml Defender - 5ml to 20ml in 1ml increments. 30ml Defender - 5ml to 30ml in 2ml increments. Dose rates of Defender guns are extremely accurate even at very low dose rates.

203 868
$129.00 inc. GST
203 870
$16.95 inc. GST
Big-dose gun with metal barrel head and nib for increased strength. Metal drench nozzle 9.5mm o.d. and 11cm long. This gun also featuresISL-->Dial-a-dose indicator window, and-->no-waste dose adjustment (see box this page). The Fusion is supplied with 1.3m of 9.5mm i.d. reinforced silicone draw tubing.
Doses: 5ml to 50ml in 2.5ml increments.
203 800
$62.95 inc. GST
203 804
$64.95 inc. GST
This nice pour-on gun features-->no-waste dose adjustment. Highly visible-->Dial-a-dose indicator window. The barrel incorporates the front valve and applicator nozzle all in one assembly which is easily unscrewed for cleaning or lubrication. The whole assembly is transparent for visibility of product, and any foreign matter. The Big Gun is supplied with 1.3m of large bore 9.5mm i.d. highly-flexible reinforced silicone draw tubing, and also includes an adaptor for smaller 6.4mm i.d. delivery outlets.
Doses:-->30ml Big Gun - 3m to 30ml in 1ml increments.-->60ml Big Gun - 10ml to 60ml in 2.5ml increments.
All the features of the Optimiser drencher above, but with an accessory selection to make this one tool suitable for almost all vaccinator, injector, pour-on and drencher jobs. This makes the Optimiser ‘Utility Pack’ a most ideal instrument for small-block farmers in particular. Included are: two x 18g x ½” st.steel needles, plain pour-on nozzle, T-bar pour-on nozzle, metal drench nozzle, 1.5m of PVC draw-tube with tube connector.
Doses: 1ml to 12.5ml in 0.5ml increments.
203 882
$115.00 inc. GST
203 883
$19.95 inc. GST
All the features of the latest Optimiser vaccinator range, but supplied as a drench gun with metal drench nozzle 7mm o.d. and 9cm long. As with allISL drench guns, the barrel is easily disassembled by hand, and incorporates a no-loss valve system. Soft-grip santoprene front handle.-->Dial-a-dose indicator window.-->No-waste-->dose adjustment. No-cavity handles. Supplied with 1.3m of highly flexible reinforced silicone 6.4mm i.d. draw tubing. Doses: 0.5ml increments up to 10ml, then 1ml up to 15ml.
203 867
$105.00 inc. GST
203 866
$119.00 inc. GST
Install the floating hook instead of the usual drench nozzle on your Fusion or Super-Shot drencher. This unit is especially useful for drench jobs in races, or crowded pens. A lot safer too. Hold drench gun in one hand and the hook in the other. Good plastic-compound grip. No-drip nozzle. Supplied with 1.3m of 9.5mm i.d. silicone draw tube, with wire reinforced ends. Dimension is nozzle length from front of grip.
NB: The IS Floating Hook will also fit the Henke Drenchmatic drench guns.
203 861
$105.95 inc. GST

Range of nozzles available for ISL Super-shot and Fusion drench guns.

*This nozzle is standard on Super-shot and Fusion drenchers.

The ISL rumen injector is used where injection of remedy direct into the rumen is required. (The ISL injectors are discontinued. Only the needle is available.) Needle is 80mm long x 3.5mm o.d. and is supplied with o-ring.

NB: This needle is for administration of bloat remedy only. Use with extreme care, only under veterinarian advice.

Contains: 2 x 50mm plunger spacers, outlet valve spring, steel ball bearing 5/16, plastic ball bearing 3/8, outlet valve cap. (See photo above).

Pour-on application can be very tedious for the small block operator. Cleaning guns and backpacks after treating a small number of stock is time consuming. ISL Triggered Pourer is the answer. Fill with up to 500ml of pour-on, twist the dose ring to the right level (up to 30ml), turn the pourer upside down allowing it to fill, then squeeze the trigger to pour-on, The next dose will flow in automatically to the preset level.