209 085
$245.00 inc. GST
209 086
$245.00 inc. GST
202 265
$225.00 inc. GST
Made by Henke-Sass Wolf in Germany, the Drench-matic is one of the world’s biggest selling drench guns. Beautifully engineered in die-cast metal with high quality baked enamel finish. The P.E.T. barrel has permanent engraved markings. Easy and accurate dose adjustment control. The Drench-matic also features a patented anti-block valve system, and drip-less nozzle, for accurate trouble free drenching. Supplied complete with 1.2m of reinforced delivery tube and full parts list. This will be the nicest drench gun you will ever own. It is suitable for all drenches, but if used with magnesium and zinc preparations it must be cleaned thoroughly immediately after use. Spares kit available (see separate entry).
202 269
$149.00 inc. GST
Accessory nozzle for your 23ml or 30ml Henke Drench-matic. Preferred by many users for in-race drenching. Special non-drip nozzle tip. Length 23cm o.a.
202 278
$269.00 inc. GST
Remote-hook type nozzles are quite new for New Zealand, although they are widely used overseas. Installed in place of usual nozzle, the gun is operated in one hand and the remote-hook is held in the other. Ideal for working over rails or in crowded pens. Nice big plastic grip on 1.4m of reinforced delivery tubing. Usual Henke drip-less nozzle tip. This is a very useful tool once you are used to it. Hook-nozzle only can also be connected directly to drench gun. Suitable 23ml and 30ml Henke Drench-matics.
The above spare parts are for 2005-onwards grey-colour ‘HSW’ guns, and also for the pre and post 2005 white Drench-matic guns. Be sure of the gun you own before ordering parts. The spares kits are in two different formats, as follows:
(1) Valves with O-rings x 2, valve springs x 2, piston O-rings x 2, O-rings for drench and inject nozzles x 1 of each. (These are for the grey 10ml and 23ml HSW-branded Drench-matics only.
(2) Valves with O-rings x 2, valve springs x 2, piston O-ring x 1, barrel x 1. (These are for the older model white Drench-matic guns only.)