Drench Containers

The ISL Flexi drench container is made from soft flexible plastic. As the liquid is withdrawn the pack gets thinner. It can be used as either top-draw or bottom draw (by removing cap draw tube). Alternative caps available. Capacity 5 litres.
**Complete with draw tube (see picture below).
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$59.95 inc. GST
Main benefit for user of this backpack is that it can be stood upright on the ground for filling, or between uses. Does not fall over and leak out. Cap draw-off spigot is suitable for 6.4 or 9.5mm draw tube. Also incorporates air inlet valve and internal drop tube. The travel cap seals the container completely. **Complete with draw tube (see picture above).
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$59.95 inc. GST
2.5 litre Drench Container, made by Henke. Much lighter and more comfortable to wear than 5 litre packs, when you don’t need 5 litres volume. Complete with snap-hook adjustable straps, security stop-cap, and funnel for easy filling. Container collapses as drench is used. Delivery tube is not supplied.