Drench Guns

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Just pick this one up to feel the nice grip and smooth action. The ultimate in ergonomic design. Highly visible Dial-a-dose indicator window. The barrel is easily unscrewed for cleaning and lubrication, and incorporates the front valve in a no-loss assembly. The valves are designed for easy flow of product. The Defender is supplied with required nozzles, and 1.3m of highly-flexible reinforced silicone 6.4mm i.d. delivery tubing. Doses: 20ml Defender - 5ml to 20ml in 1ml increments. 30ml Defender - 5ml to 30ml in 2ml increments. Dose rates of Defender guns are extremely accurate even at very low dose rates.

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The Ezepak Drench System has been developed to make drenching jobs easier. Instead of a hard cold pack of drench on your back all day, the Ezepak System incorporates the drench container into a comfortable air-mesh padded, non-sweating modern-style back pack. Everything has been thought of with Ezepak. The drench gun can be passed through the pack without disconnecting from the drench container, making for easy and clean refilling. The System pack is equally suitable for top or bottom outlet drench containers in all sizes up to 5 litres. The pack features retainer tabs for securing the drench hose to prevent it getting caught up on animals or posts. The waist-belt drench gun holster leaves you hands free at anytime.

NB: A drench container or gun is not supplied with the Ezepak Drench System.

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The manual guns are single-shot. Really useful for those small-number drenching jobs, where you don’t want to spend longer cleaning the equipment than you did drenching! No valves or pack to clean. Just suck it up and squirt it out! Nozzle bore 8mm.

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Big-dose gun with metal barrel head and nib for increased strength. Metal drench nozzle 9.5mm o.d. and 11cm long. This gun also featuresISL-->Dial-a-dose indicator window, and-->no-waste dose adjustment (see box this page). The Fusion is supplied with 1.3m of 9.5mm i.d. reinforced silicone draw tubing.
Doses: 5ml to 50ml in 2.5ml increments.
Replacement and optional tubing for ISL drench and pour-on guns. The ‘9.5/6.4’ is a 9.5mm hard PVC tube reduced to 6.4mm one end, and is useful for adapting different size delivery systems. All dimensions are tube i.d.

Plastic connector for ISL drencher draw tube to enable connection of different tube sizes. Dimension is tubing nominal i.d.

Single-dose manual-refill drench guns made from engineering-grade plastics. The hinge action makes them easy to operate. Dose volume is adjusted with the threaded ring. Clear plastic barrel. No valves or tubes to worry about. Just give it a few squirts in soapy warm water to clean. Parts available.
Good quality drench gun manufactured in engineering grade plastic and supplied complete with silicone delivery tube. Hinge action ensures smooth and easy operation. Easy dose volume adjustment with large threaded back-ring. Clear barrel. Wash in soapy water.

The ISL Flexi drench container is made from soft flexible plastic. As the liquid is withdrawn the pack gets thinner. It can be used as either top-draw or bottom draw (by removing cap draw tube). Alternative caps available. Capacity 5 litres. *Complete with draw tube (see picture).

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Main benefit for user of this backpack is that it can be stood upright on the ground for filling, or between uses. Does not fall over and leak out. Cap draw-off spigot is suitable for 6.4 or 9.5mm draw tube. Also incorporates air inlet valve and internal drop tube. The travel cap seals the container completely. **Complete with draw tube (see picture above).
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Based on our usual Genia drench guns, this gun has been especially modified for the administration of viscous drench liquids. It is a single-shot ‘manual-fill’ drench gun, featuring a more powerful suction mechanism, and a large 15mm-bore nozzle.

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Made by Henke-Sass Wolf in Germany, the Drench-matic is one of the world’s biggest selling drench guns. Beautifully engineered in die-cast metal with high quality baked enamel finish. The P.E.T. barrel has permanent engraved markings. Easy and accurate dose adjustment control. The Drench-matic also features a patented anti-block valve system, and drip-less nozzle, for accurate trouble free drenching. Supplied complete with 1.2m of reinforced delivery tube and full parts list. This will be the nicest drench gun you will ever own. It is suitable for all drenches, but if used with magnesium and zinc preparations it must be cleaned thoroughly immediately after use. Spares kit available (see separate entry).