Drench & Inject

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$19.95 inc. GST
Easy Drencher is a purpose-designed all-plastic bottle for safe and easy administration of volume drenches to mature stock. Easy Drencher features: easy-grip handle, 1.2 litre capacity marked in 100ml levels, 12cm-long safe plastic probe, wide 63mm neck opening for ease of filling.
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$23.95 inc. GST

The Cool-pak holster has all the advantages of the standard Vaxiholster, but with the advantage of thermal insulation to maintain cool temperature of sensitive vaccines, and to prevent over-heating of vaccines when work stops for tea-break or yard changing. Arm-mount model has an elasticized arm band. On the chest-pack model the shoulder strap is detachable, allowing the pack to be belt mounted.

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The manual guns are single-shot. Really useful for those small-number drenching jobs, where you don’t want to spend longer cleaning the equipment than you did drenching! No valves or pack to clean. Just suck it up and squirt it out! Nozzle bore 8mm.

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Big-dose gun with metal barrel head and nib for increased strength. Metal drench nozzle 9.5mm o.d. and 11cm long. This gun also featuresISL-->Dial-a-dose indicator window, and-->no-waste dose adjustment (see box this page). The Fusion is supplied with 1.3m of 9.5mm i.d. reinforced silicone draw tubing.
Doses: 5ml to 50ml in 2.5ml increments.
Well known high quality Japanese-manufactured ‘Doctor’ brand. Reusable stainless steel needles in chromed-brass Luer-lock hub. Plastic pack of 12 needles. NB: Higher gauge number is thinner needle.
**Special short needles.
We chose these ‘economy’ stainless needles after trialling many brands from Asia. We are happy to promote these as ‘perfectly good needles’ at a very reasonable price. We guaranty you will be happy with them.
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Made by Henke-Sass Wolf in Germany, the Drench-matic is one of the world’s biggest selling drench guns. Beautifully engineered in die-cast metal with high quality baked enamel finish. The P.E.T. barrel has permanent engraved markings. Easy and accurate dose adjustment control. The Drench-matic also features a patented anti-block valve system, and drip-less nozzle, for accurate trouble free drenching. Supplied complete with 1.2m of reinforced delivery tube and full parts list. This will be the nicest drench gun you will ever own. It is suitable for all drenches, but if used with magnesium and zinc preparations it must be cleaned thoroughly immediately after use. Spares kit available (see separate entry).

Becton Dickinson disposable hypodermic needles. (Higher guage number is thinner needle). Box of 100 needles.

Fine-Ject are high-quality German-made needles from the company Henke-Sass Wolf (HSW) Tuttlingen, Germany. (Higher gauge number is thinner needle). Individual sterile protective pack. Box of 100 needles.
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Unbreakable, non-distorting, reusable, acrylic-glass syringes that will stand up to all manner of farm use. Can be sterilised in boiling water. Luer-lock coupling. Graduation marks are engraved so are permanent. Decent fingergrips for large hands on cold mornings.
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$119.00 inc. GST
Huge easy-to-squeeze nylon syringes. Use as a one-shot drench gun for bloat, glycerine, obstetric lubricant etc. Got to be useful. Supplied with 19cm long Genia nozzle.

The Farmhand rumen-drenching system comprises a large 600ml chromed-brass pump with a brass quick-coupling connection onto 1.8m of reinforced PVC delivery hose. This hose then uses another brass quick-coupling connector onto the main heavily-reinforced, flexible, 1.8m rumen tube. The rumen tube has a smooth and heavy end-bolus to take the tube to the bottom of the rumen. At the top of the rumen tube there is a nose clamp. This is attached into the cow’s nose as the tube is fully inserted into the rumen. (Air should be expelled from the delivery tube.) The pump is stood into the bucket of drench - up to 40 litres. Each full cycle of the pump sends 600ml into the tube. The pump is easily dismantled, without tools, for cleaning or maintenance. The pump is 59cm tall overall, with a 52cm barrel diameter.