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Excess hair growth on udders can be a serious source of contamination of milk, and also a factor causing mastitis infections. Eliminating excess udder hair reduces significantly the amount of mud and manure accumulating on the udder. This dirt can be a significant cause of environmental mastitis. Udder Singe uses a low-temperature butane flame to burn hair away in 1-2 seconds, without causing any pain or damage to udder or teats tissue. Singing of udder hair is common practice in the northern hemisphere. The Shoof Udder Singe is supplied complete with a 600ml canister of butane gas. The wand is 75cm long with a plastic grip. The flame is controlled with an adjustable valve, to produce a ‘lazy yellow flame’ which will not burn the udder (This flame can be tested by running your hand through it). One can of gas should singe 300-400 udders.

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Portasol debudders are made in Ireland. They are a quality tool. Widely used in other industries for soldering and welding. Converted to debudding for our market. Very reliable Piezo starting, or light manually if damp etc. The jet can be removed by the user for cleaning. Parts available. This is a very convenient and reliable tool, but recommended for the farmer rather than commercial user.

*The debudder is supplied complete with a can of butane gas (200 952).

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This debudder is made in New Zealand and has been well proven over many years of use. It is a very robust tool, suitable for use in demanding conditions. Supplied with QCC fitting for direct connection to regular 4kg or 9kg LPG bottles. Gas control is by the handle knob, so a regulator is not required on the bottle. A 2.5m-long hose is included. Supplied standard with 18mm tip, with optional 16mm and 20mmn tips available. The heavy tip on this debudder means it will hold its heat well whilst in contact with the horn.

The Express Butane Belt-Pack makes debudding most convenient when doing more than just a few calves. The kit includes a belt hook which enables the butane can to be belt hung. This makes the debudder handle much more convenient to use. All parts are common to all Express Debudders.
*Tip is reversible.

The Express LPG debudder is for use with regular 4kg and 9kg "barbecue" gas bottles. It is supplied complete with regulator and standard POL LPG bottle fitting. This unit is ideal for commercial operators, and for debudding larger groups of calves where continuous, uninterrupted operation is important. All parts are common to all Express debudders.
*Tip is reversible

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This tool from Germany is our premium gas debudder. Ideal for the large-scale calf rearer. It is supplied in a sturdy metal carrying case, complete with two 110ml cans of liquid gas. Each can should give up to two hours of operation. Cans are simply screwed into the GasBuddex handle. Lighting is by a press-button piezo igniter. Gas flow is controlled with a rotating knob. Operating temperature of 650°C is reached in 2-3 minutes. The debudder is supplied with a spare jet and seal ring, along with Allen keys for fitting.
Length 31cm overall. Weight 900gm.

Our own-brand Farmhand debudder has been completely redesigned for 2019. We are producing this device to be the most rugged and most reliable of our debudders range. This is the one that we recommend for vets and contractors. The one that will stand continuous hard usage.

The tool is supplied with a QCC fitting for direct attachment to regular 4kg or 9kg LPG bottles. Gas control is on the handle, so a regulator is not required on the bottle. The hose is a generous 3.2m long. This tool is fast heating, and will maintain a high temperature even in cool or windy conditions.

The Bakelite handle remains cool, even after long use. Handle is an ergonomic design, with heat shield and pressure flange, and remains cool even after continuous use. A sturdy hang-hook is incorporated.

The Express debudder is made in France, and is supplied in a heavy-duty metal (burn proof) carry case, complete with two cans of gas and spare parts. One of the nicest features of this tool is the pistol-grip style. This makes it very comfortable to hold and use. The flame is ignited by the pistol trigger. Heat is adjusted by a knob at the back. Full 600°C operating temperature is reached in 3 minutes. A full gas canister should give 2 hours of full operation. The back shroud incorporates two legs for standing the debudder upright when hot. The tool is lightweight at only 650gm (with full gas tin). A unique and patented feature of this tool is a heat shield incorporated just behind the burning head. This deflects heat away from the tool body, the calf's ear and your hand. The reversible cautery tip features a deep cavity and a thin wall, allowing for good penetration and burn depth, even on slightly larger horns. Supplied with spare jet and replacement piezo lighter assembly.

*Tip is reversible

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The more-modern plastic QCC nut adapter is now standard on LPG-powered appliances. If you still have old POL female-threaded bottles this adapter will convert them to QCC. Machined brass with plastic nut.