Shoof International Ltd is proud to bring Elastrator castration rings to our customers. Elastrator computerised quality control is ultimate and consistent. As well as visual inspection, Elastrator rings are tested for 4-way stretch to ensure every ring opens to the full extent of the applicator jaws without tearing, and then returns to its original memory-size. “Consistency” and “reliability” are the key words. Over recent years the owners of the Elastrator brand have completely re-tooled and modernised all their processes, from raw material to despatch. Every box of rings is traceable to the day it was manufactured. Quality is guaranteed. Don’t bother with alternatives.
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$299.00 inc. GST
The Elastrator dispenser is an invaluable aid to the speedy application of Elastrator rings, especially in large flocks. Mount the dispenser securely on a rail or post. A special throat at the front holds the applicator tool when not in use. The dispenser top-cap is removed for easy filling of 500 rings at a time.
Note: The dispenser jaws may be adjusted slightly if required, by filing to suit different model applicators.