Mating & Castration

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The Chin-Ball Mating Harness was developed in New Zealand, and is used around the world for identifying mated cows. The robust harness/halter has a cone-shaped device underneath which contains a freely-rotating ball, working on the same principle as a ball-pen.
The stainless-steel container can be filled with ink of the desired colour. Each fill is enough to mark 25-30 cows (approx. 0.5 litre). When a cow is properly in season she will receive very clearly identifiable back markings from the bull (or cow) wearing the device. Marks fade in 4 to 14 days. We suggest changing colours on a 3 week cycle, to prevent any confusion. Ink is available in 1 litre containers. Ink is oil based.
NB: Ink must be mixed thoroughly if it has been stored for some time.
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The California Bander was developed in USA to give breeders a low-cost tool for achieving delayed castration of bull calves. The California bander is the lowest cost, simplest and easiest tool to use for this task. Delayed castration allows bull calves to grow faster on the natural testosterone produced by retaining their testicles for longer. To apply the bands the tool is grasped by the left hand as pictured above. The band clip is fitted into the small slot in the top of the tool. The testicles are grasped firmly against the tool and the band is pulled tightly around the scrotal sac and down into the V-notch of the clip. Let go of the sac and the clip frees from the tool. The task is complete. A demonstration DVD is supplied with each Bander and is also available free on request.

*The ‘starter kit’ includes one tool plus one pack of 25 bands.

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The Callicrate WEE bander has been developed for safe, and 100% reliable, castration of small animals - calves, lambs, kids etc. This system is a step up from regular rubber-ring castration, where a more reliable and humane system is required. The WEE device allows a wider applicatior opening, and then a more consistent tension when released. The extra tension is critical in stopping all blood supply to the testicles. Trials on lambs using traditional and Callicrate castration showed much less pain and stress in the Callicrate group. Visit for further information and demonstration video film.
**The WEE Bander kit includes Bander tool, 5 x WEE loops, Loop stretch tool.
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The Elastrator dispenser is an invaluable aid to the speedy application of Elastrator rings, especially in large flocks. Mount the dispenser securely on a rail or post. A special throat at the front holds the applicator tool when not in use. The dispenser top-cap is removed for easy filling of 500 rings at a time.
Note: The dispenser jaws may be adjusted slightly if required, by filing to suit different model applicators.
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Gives a clean perpendicular cut to avoid crushing the straw end as occurs when straw is cut with scissors. Risk of semen seeping back is minimised.
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Specially designed forceps for grasping and removal of A.I. straws from Cryogenic holding tank. Stainless steel.
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Measurement of scrotal circumference, (especially in young bulls) gives a fairly accurate estimation of their ability to produce semen. The tape is put around the testicles and the measurement compared to the fertility chart supplied. Instructions for use included.
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Taking scrotal measurements can be a risky job. Not all bulls are impressed. This 60cm plastic wand lets you do this delicate task at a safe distance. Easy-to-read scale on end of tape protruding from wand handle.
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Applicators are made in many places in many different qualities. Ours is high quality at a low price, guaranteed to give very good service. Smooth and easy operation. Check it for yourself. Pins open to 50mm/40mm x 30mm (sides)
The genuine Elastrator applicator manufactured by Heiniger Australia. Roller-action jaws reduce friction from tightly stretched rings. Fine, close-fitting jaw teeth for easy ring entry and correct entry into the Elastrator dispenser throat. Pins open to 59mm/48mm x 28mm (sides).
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This applicator is especially suitable for the breeder with a small number of animals to dock or castrate. It is a perfectly satisfactory tool at a very low price. No need to pay more if you do not need more. Pins open to 45mm/40mm x 34mm (sides).
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A handy set for the small-block farmer. Our perfectly good plastic applicator, with 30 castration rings included.