Calf Teats

The Big Softy makes all the other ‘gravity’ calf teats obsolete. With gravity feeders, (where the milk level is higher than the teat), two issues arise. First is preventing leakage through the teat, and second is whilst preventing leakage still enabling the calf to suckle freely. The Big Softy achieves both these ends. The tip design does not leak, even after substantial use, and yet the tip opens freely as soon as the calf begins suckling. The Big Softy will fit all feeders with 22mm (+/-1mm) teat holes. It is equally suitable for hand-held bottle feeding, or for top-teat tube delivery feeders. Big Softy is protected by Design No NZ405207.
This variation on our regular Big Softy teat is for use with 54mm id screw-cap teat-mount fittings.
NB: When mounting, slit should be vertical, with longer teat-tip upper most.
The EXCAL Fast-flow tube-delivery teat was the fore-runner of all modern calfeteria teats for group feeding of large numbers of calves. Invented by Mrs Nan Duffy, the Fast-flow internal shape creates a pump-like effect as the calf bites it. The first biting action closes the base end of the teat, and further mouth closure forces milk out through the tip. Almost the same effects as when the calf is suckling naturally. The Fast-flow calf teat takes standard 11mm o.d. plastic tubing, and should be mounted at the most ideal suckling height for the calves being reared, with the delivery tubing descending into the milk container. EXCAL non-return valves should be used at the bottom of the milk tubes to prevent back-flow. The EXCAL Fast-flow teat is fitted into a 22mm diameter drilled hole, in any plastic or metal container or remote feeding panel.
This calf teat has been marketed in Australia for many years. It is generally fitted into a 20-21mm diameter drilled hole in any plastic or metal container. If used as a ‘tube-feed’ teat, use our “Calf Feed Tube Aust” 209 237.
206 686
$6.95 inc. GST
Real rubber teat to fit most soda bottles. Cut an X in the tip with razor blade or knife, or melt hole with hot nail. Long lasting, heavy duty teat.
The EXCAL teat intake elbow is supplied plain or with stop valve. The valve enhances suckling for newborn or weak calves, but it can be susceptible to blockage when used with some types of powder-mix milk. In these cases it is best to use the non-valve elbow (white colour). The intake elbow fits directly into the back of the teat and ensures suction from the very bottom of the bucket or feeder. Supplied in 10-packs only.
The Milkflow teat intake elbow is used to enable a ‘gravity’ teat to empty all the milk from the bottom of a feeding container. The elbow fits neatly and firmly into the back of the Big Softy teat. The internal dimension will take the tube-end of an Excal Stop Valve to further enhance its versatility. Dimensions are 10.25mm o.d., 7.35mm i.d., length 45mm o.a., enabling suction to a depth of 35mm from the centre of the teat. Sold in 10-packs only.
220 883
$6.95 inc. GST
219 798
$6.95 inc. GST
Small nylon brush for easy cleaning inside of calf and lamb feeding teats. Possible other uses cleaning small openings. Dimension is overall length x uncompressed bristle diameter.
207 607
$7.95 inc. GST
The Excal Ad-lib teat is produced especially for ad-lib type feeding systems where calves have continuous access to continuously available milk, as for example robotic or automated feeders. The base of the teat is larger and stronger, to withstand the extra wear and use it may be subjected to. The Ad-lib teat can be mounted remote from the milk supply, using standard 11mm (7/16” or 0.43”) o.d. plastic calfeteria tubing. The mounting hole for the Ad-lib teat should be 45mm (1.75”) diameter. The teat is 85mm long, red rubber, 56mm diameter at base.
Note: The ad-lib teat has a single slit at the tip. This must be vertical for the teat to function correctly.