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$27.95 inc. GST
Recent research has confirmed that several diseases, including E.coli scours and Joint-ill, find their way into the newborn animal via the umbilical cord. Sprays and dips can also cause problems. Our umbilical clamps are the solution. Simply attach as soon as possible after birth. Remove after 24 to 48 hours. Place clamp approximately 5mm from top of umbilical cord. Cut cord below clamp to prevent suckling. Clamps can be disinfected and re-used if desired, or can be left to fall off naturally. Ideal for piglets as clamps are large enough not to fall through creep floors. Clamps 65mm long o.a.

Quality Shoof Farm brand obstetric lubricant, useful for assisting difficult births, pregnancy diagnosis and similar obstetric tasks. Cetrimide formula. (Not suitable for A.I.)

NB: As peri-anal inflamation can occur from repeated use in sensitive cases, this product is not recomended for equine use.

218 196
$27.95 inc. GST
Repiderma is an aerosol spray from Intracare in Holland it is used particularly in hoofcare, but is also useful for any conditions involving skin, or epidermis. Particularly useful in the pig industry for application to tail bite injury.
Water-based and slow-drying for more effective use. Anti-bacterial properties inhibit growth of bacteria during storage, but do not damage proteins or sperm. Stabilizer is 1.35g/l quaternary ammonium compound. A.I. safe.
Developed especially for pumping veterinary lubricant directly into the vagina of a cow, to assist with difficult birthing. Can also be usefull for dispensing lubricant or other products into smaller containers. Supplied with 2m of hose, and cap for attaching to a 20-litre container. (Hose has special bevelled end to assist in vaginal introduction.)
NB: Pump may have difficulty dispensing very viscous lubricants. Warming may help.
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$7.95 inc. GST
This double sided metallic foil blanket is excellent for aiding in body temperature recovery in cases of hypothermia and animals suffering from shock. It reflects back up to 80% of the patient’s body heat thereby reducing temperature loss.
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$59.95 inc. GST

Dry granulated lubricant saves lots of freight and handling. This 350gm pack will make up 30 litres of ready-to-use gel. For best mixing results add warm water to the powder a little at a time (rather than adding powder to water). For ideal consistency add 1 litre of water to 12gm of gel (one heaped desert spoon full is about 12gm). The container has a sprinkler top for making quick approximate mixes if you want. A.I. safe in clean water.

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For difficult deliveries a larger volume of lubricant can be of significant help. Our OB-lube pressure pump delivers about one-litre-per-minute through a 2m long, 12mm-i.d. plastic hose. The bottle is pumped up prior to use. Delivery is controlled using the valve on the delivery tube. When finished with, pressure is released via the bleed valve on the bottle. The tube is then pushed onto the blind spigot so it does not leak lubricant anywhere. Capacity 5-litres of lube. Wide neck for easy filling. Will pump all types of lubricant.
203 543
$49.95 inc. GST
Very useful device for difficult calvings. Enables traction on head, or just prevention of head turning back during the delivery. Stainless steel cable with cast alloy sliding yolk. Length 92cm o.a.
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$22.95 inc. GST

This product was developed to spray on piglets to reduce bite injuries, but it is reputed to be similarly effective at reducing or preventing navel suckling by calves. 400ml aerosol.

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No need to have to wash all your clothes after a calving job. Arms-free adjustable sleeve seals. Neck to boots with no openings. Waterproof and easily cleaned. Use for any obstetrical jobs. Long life rip-free laminated fabric in discreet colour. One size only, approximately medium to large.
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$399.00 inc. GST
Big stroke and bore two-way air pump breathes calf both in and out. Use suction stroke first to gently remove mucus from breathing passages, then gently inflate lungs. Remove pump to allow deflation, using slight pressure on chest. Repeat in 10 second intervals as required. The HK calf resuscitator can also be used during difficult births (if nose is exposed) to keep calf breathing and alive. Instructions for use included. Made in Germany by Rheintechnik, under the well known HK brand. Metal body with rubber nose-mask. Robust tool for field use.