Cow Lifters

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The Daisy-Lifter cow lifter is designed for medium term support for a down cow. The cow is supported over a large body area, thus reducing pressure points. Fully adjustable to any size animal, and manufactured from long-life materials. The Daisy-Lifter is supplied as a complete kit in a handy carry-bag. The Daisy-Lifter is made in Standard and X-Large models. The Standard model will suit all medium size dairy breeds (up to medium-size holstein). The X-Large model is 20cm longer and wider, and should be used for large-size dairy breeds and larger beef cows. Recommended maximum lift load for the Daisy-Lifter is 1,000kg.
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Liftease has been developed to improve usability and outcomes from
existing sling-lift devices. Firstly, Liftease is very strong. We do not
believe it can be damaged in use. Liftease is designed to increase cow
comfort by preventing or reducing sweating inside fully-enclosed slings.
When used for longer periods, these can lead to skin ulcers and hide
damage. Liftease is easy to use. It is recommended that the cow is first
lifted by a hip-clamp device, but if such a device is not available, the
cow can be rolled onto the Liftease, or the Liftease can simply be
pulled through under the down animal. The Liftease lift straps each have
three lift loops, to give variation of lift height. These loops are
designed to fit on a silage fork, and are less likely to slip off than
metal hooks. Liftease is designed to lift up to 2,000kg without risk.

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Quick-Lift is new from Shoof's product development department. It's features are - simplicity of use, ease of use, big 50mm-o.d. pipe is comfortable fit for cow pin bones, high strength and light weight. The Quick-Lift is simply slipped onto the pin bones and ratcheted tight with a few quick strokes on the ratchet lever. If the cow needs to be released quickly, the ratchet lever is simply pulled down - just like normal load tie-downs, and the clamp instantly opens. Quick, easy, no fuss. No handle to lose, or spindle to damage or bend. Replacement ratchet assembly is available (complete with strap) and is easily fitted. This is a great device and a credit to the Shoof development team. Design application No. NZ418621.
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For use on very large beef breeds of cattle. Made for lifts up to 1,500kg. Built in the same manner as our Kerbl Standard model this page. Double-direction-thread spindle for quick releases. Padded lift loops. Powder-coated frame, galvanised mechanical parts. Rotating wood handle. Lift-loops open to maximum 110cm apart, but normal working width would be 70cm to 85cm. Weight 14kg.
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A higher quality lifter still at a very reasonable price. This model features a double-direction spindle thread to give much faster closure, and particularly release, of a down animal. Often, with cases of milk fever and similar, it is essential to be able to release the cow quickly before she starts pulling away and falling down again. The Kerbl lifter has a powder-coated frame and galvanised mechanical parts with rotating wood handle. Parts available.
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Our top-of-the-range lifter featuring the double-direction spindle thread for fast closure and release. Also on this model the handle is removable for safety of man and animal, and to prevent being bent during use, and can be used on either side of the lifter. All galvanised finish. Manufactured in the Netherlands by Vink-Elst. Parts available.
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This strap has been developed at Shoof to assist when lifting a cow with a hip clamp device. Whilst the clamp lifts the rear of the cow, the belly strap can be used behind her front legs for more comfortable lifting (as recommend on the DairyNZ website). The strap is 2.4m ring-to-ring, and has 20cm-wide belly support. A practical way to use this strap is with the hip clamp on one side fork, the strap is used on the other side, with a connecting chain of the right length. (The cow will be cross-ways to the tractor).