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The Vink Beef Cattle is an upgraded version of the standard and famous Vink Calving Jack. It is specially constructed of heavy duty stainless steel components to fit larger beef cattle. The main pole is 1.8m long and is a larger tube made of heavier material. The rump frame is enlarged to 57cm width to suit very heavy European breeds such as Charolais etc. The frame is also of stronger materials to prevent any bending, and the traction device features a longer handle for greater power with reduced effort in difficult births. Also the pull is sequential on this model, to reduce birthing trauma with large calves.
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Quick-Lift is new from Shoof's product development department. It's features are - simplicity of use, ease of use, big 50mm-o.d. pipe is comfortable fit for cow pin bones, high strength and light weight. The Quick-Lift is simply slipped onto the pin bones and ratcheted tight with a few quick strokes on the ratchet lever. If the cow needs to be released quickly, the ratchet lever is simply pulled down - just like normal load tie-downs, and the clamp instantly opens. Quick, easy, no fuss. No handle to lose, or spindle to damage or bend. Replacement ratchet assembly is available (complete with strap) and is easily fitted. This is a great device and a credit to the Shoof development team. Design application No. NZ418621.
This valuable product is used in cases of calving paralysis which commonly cause knuckling-under of one, or sometimes both, hind legs. The BOS splint is simply applied to the back of the leg using the special adhesive elastic bandage included in the kit. The splint bottom should be at ground level. Generally application of the BOS splint will allow the animal normal mobility almost immediately after application. The small splint is suitable for Jersey or smaller Friesian cows, and the large splint for larger Friesian or Holstein cows and the x-large for very large Holstein. Leave the splint in place from 4-7 days, depending on the severity of the condition. In all cases the splint can be moulded somewhat to the individually required shape by use of a heat gun or hair dryer. The BOS splint can be reused with a new bandage. Dimension length o.a.
Note: Administration of anti-inflammatories at initial splint application may also be beneficial. Consult your veterinarian.

Flat-braid rope is softer than twisted rope. There is no core in it so it flattens around a limb, in this case to 12mm wide. 1.8m length is long enough to circle your body for better purchase. Use as a single or double. Use colours to identify left/right legs when not visible. Length 1.8m

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These ropes are made from very fine (4mm dia.) braided cord, with eye splices both ends. Very handy to keep in your pocket for emergency use. Length 1.5m.

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Our nickel plated calving chains are of top quality USA manufacture, tested to over 500kg. Hardened, and nickel plating for long life. Oval end loop for easy internal use. Short chains should be used in pairs. These chains are the strongest available.

The Comfort version of our calving strap has special additional hand-grip loops 50cm out from the ring ends. The strap is 2.5m long overall, allowing it to go around the back of the user. When assisting calving, especially when the cow is lying down, the user can use his or her legs, and the hand grips to assist purchase (only one required). Made from double-layered 25mm webbing with stainless steel D-rings. Only one strap is required.
Developed especially for pumping veterinary lubricant directly into the vagina of a cow, to assist with difficult birthing. Can also be usefull for dispensing lubricant or other products into smaller containers. Supplied with 2m of hose, and cap for attaching to a 20-litre container. (Hose has special bevelled end to assist in vaginal introduction.)
NB: Pump may have difficulty dispensing very viscous lubricants. Warming may help.
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Made in the same style as our famous HK brand pullers. All galvanised or nickel-plated steel. This puller features a 1.6m long ‘threaded’ shaft, which breaks in half for easy transport. Traction assembly with 35cm long handle, for easy use and choice of sequential or tandem pulling points. The head frame is steel, but with well rounded edges to prevent injury, and also incorporating a rump chain to better retain the puller head on the cow. The puller is supplied complete with ropes. This device is reasonable quality at a very good price. Parts available.
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A higher quality lifter still at a very reasonable price. This model features a double-direction spindle thread to give much faster closure, and particularly release, of a down animal. Often, with cases of milk fever and similar, it is essential to be able to release the cow quickly before she starts pulling away and falling down again. The Kerbl lifter has a powder-coated frame and galvanised mechanical parts with rotating wood handle. Parts available.
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Our top-of-the-range lifter featuring the double-direction spindle thread for fast closure and release. Also on this model the handle is removable for safety of man and animal, and to prevent being bent during use, and can be used on either side of the lifter. All galvanised finish. Manufactured in the Netherlands by Vink-Elst. Parts available.
Sensigan examination gloves are Genia's top-level offering. These gloves are of the highest quality, with excellent 'feel', whilst still giving good puncture resistance. Ideal for use by vet professionals especially when working in specialist fields such as equine reproduction, etc. The integrated neck strap ensures the glove stays fully in place, even during difficult procedures. 28 microns, 100-pack.