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$895.00 inc. GST
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201 031
$15.95 inc. GST
The world-wide best selling calving aid from Europe. Hangs-on to the cow whether she is standing or goes down in the middle of the job. The permanently attached holding frame fits over the cow’s hip bones, acting as a steady and fixed base from which the Calving Jack tilts and pulls regardless of whether the cow stands, sits or stretches out. This calf puller was developed after extensive institutional research into the forces required for the safest and most humane birthing assistance. All stainless steel. Standard pole is 1.6m long and long pole 1.8m long. The long pole will fit all Vink Calving Jacks. Rump frame 51cm wide (inside measurement).

When a calf is born with a contracted flexor tendon, the fetlock joint is caused to knuckle under, causing serious limitation to the mobility of the calf. The BOS splint is applied to the back of the leg, with the splint bottom edge at ground level. With application of the splint the calf should have normal mobility immediately. Remove the splint after 4-5 days. Splint length 40cm o.a.

This valuable product is used in cases of calving paralysis which commonly cause knuckling-under of one, or sometimes both, hind legs. The BOS splint is simply applied to the back of the leg using the special adhesive elastic bandage included in the kit. The splint bottom should be at ground level. Generally application of the BOS splint will allow the animal normal mobility almost immediately after application. The small splint is suitable for Jersey or smaller Friesian cows, and the large splint for larger Friesian or Holstein cows and the x-large for very large Holstein. Leave the splint in place from 4-7 days, depending on the severity of the condition. In all cases the splint can be moulded somewhat to the individually required shape by use of a heat gun or hair dryer. The BOS splint can be reused with a new bandage. Dimension length o.a.
Note: Administration of anti-inflammatories at initial splint application may also be beneficial. Consult your veterinarian.
Lowest-cost calving rope option. 7mm polypropylene rope. Single version is 1.1m long with eye splice one end. (Two of these should be used for assisting calving.) The double version is 1.6m long with eye splices at both ends. Supplied each.

Quality Shoof Farm brand obstetric lubricant, useful for assisting difficult births, pregnancy diagnosis and similar obstetric tasks. Cetrimide formula. (Not suitable for A.I.)

NB: As peri-anal inflamation can occur from repeated use in sensitive cases, this product is not recomended for equine use.

210 523
$499.00 inc. GST
This genuine HK rotating head assembly is a replacement part for a HK Rump Frame (121A) calf puller, or is an upgrade part for a Standard (HK121) HK calf puller to convert it into a Vink-style puller. All stainless steel.
The Comfort version of our calving strap has special additional hand-grip loops 50cm out from the ring ends. The strap is 2.5m long overall, allowing it to go around the back of the user. When assisting calving, especially when the cow is lying down, the user can use his or her legs, and the hand grips to assist purchase (only one required). Made from double-layered 25mm webbing with stainless steel D-rings. Only one strap is required.
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Repiderma is an aerosol spray from Intracare in Holland it is used particularly in hoofcare, but is also useful for any conditions involving skin, or epidermis. Particularly useful in the pig industry for application to tail bite injury.
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A higher quality lifter still at a very reasonable price. This model features a double-direction spindle thread to give much faster closure, and particularly release, of a down animal. Often, with cases of milk fever and similar, it is essential to be able to release the cow quickly before she starts pulling away and falling down again. The Kerbl lifter has a powder-coated frame and galvanised mechanical parts with rotating wood handle. Parts available.
201 616
$369.00 inc. GST
Our top-of-the-range lifter featuring the double-direction spindle thread for fast closure and release. Also on this model the handle is removable for safety of man and animal, and to prevent being bent during use, and can be used on either side of the lifter. All galvanised finish. Manufactured in the Netherlands by Vink-Elst. Parts available.
222 233
$79.95 inc. GST

This strap has been developed at Shoof to assist when lifting a cow with a hip clamp device. Whilst the clamp lifts the rear of the cow, the belly strap can be used behind her front legs for more comfortable lifting (as recommend on the DairyNZ website). The strap is 2.4m ring-to-ring, and has 20cm-wide belly support. A practical way to use this strap is with the hip clamp on one side fork, the strap is used on the other side, with a connecting chain of the right length. (The cow will be cross-ways to the tractor).

A captive bolt device is used for safe and humane destruction of animals - from small pigs and calves to boars and bulls. A captive retracting ‘bolt’ is fired into the head, instead of a bullet. Different strength cartridges are used for different sized animals (see chart below). It is imperative that the correct charge is used for the animal being destroyed. The shot is discharged by pressure on the trigger mechanism. The correct point for entry of the bolt is between and slightly above the eyes.

Calves up to 100kg - Green
Calves up to 300kg - Yellow
Cattle up to 600kg - Blue
Cattle over 600kg - Red
Horses - all weights - Yellow
Sheep and Goats up to 35kg - Green
Sheep and Goats over 35kg - Yellow
Pigs up to 50kg - Green
Pigs up to 100kg - Yellow
Pigs up to 200kg - Blue
Pigs over 200kg - Red

Important Notice: Serious penalties apply for dealing with animals inhumanely. If in doubt about use of this device, discuss with your veterinarian. Death should be finally ascertained by checking there is no heartbeat, no breathing and no blink reflex. Be aware that for heavy bulls and horses, this is a stunning device only. Use must be followed by pithing to assure death. (If in doubt consult your veterinarian.)

**Cleaning kit - Contains 25cm extension handle and two sizes of brush for cleaning gun barrel. (Kit is included with device.)
***Service kit - Contains a replacement for mainspring and rubber buffer.