Water Nipple Pipe Saddle 1/8"

Water Nipple Pipe Saddle 1/8" products

"Pipe Saddle 1/8"" for 15mm pipe 10pack "
220 690
$7.95 inc. GST
"Pipe Saddle 1/8"" for 20mm pipe 10pack "
220 689
$7.95 inc. GST
PVC pipe-compatible saddles for attachment of 1/8” NPT fittings, such as our Water Nipple Rabbit or Poultry. Drill a 12mm hole in PVC pipe as required. Boss on back of saddle will locate in hole. Glue and press fit. Saddle length 40mm. Dimension is normal pipe size. Pipe outside diameters to suit saddles are 21.5mm for 15mm saddle, and 27mm for 20mm saddle. Available in packs of 10 only.
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