Leg Quick Strap

Leg Quick Strap products

Leg Quick Strap Blue (NZ)
204 284
$3.25 inc. GST
Leg Quick Strap Green (NZ)
204 286
$3.25 inc. GST
Leg Quick Strap Orange (NZ)
204 288
$3.25 inc. GST
Leg Quick Strap Pink (NZ)
204 290
$3.25 inc. GST
Leg Quick Strap Red (NZ)
204 292
$3.25 inc. GST
Leg Quick Strap Yellow (NZ)
204 294
$3.25 inc. GST

Quick Straps are the easiest of all leg straps to use, and are the most visible on the cow. The protruding end of the Quick Strap is like a ‘flag’ waving on the cow’s leg. The Quick Strap is removed simply by pressing the release button!

For added safety we recommend using Quick Straps on both legs of antibiotic treated cows. Quick Straps are not supplied pre-printed. Marking pens will give temporary marks suitable for short-term notices if required. Sold as each.

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