Rumen Drenching System Farmhand

Rumen Drenching System Farmhand products

Rumen Drenching System 600ml Pump only
220 108
$599.00 inc. GST
Rumen Drenching System Farmhand Hose Ass
220 452
$299.00 inc. GST
Rumen Drenching System Farmhand cpt(2pc)
220 088
$899.00 inc. GST

The Farmhand rumen-drenching system comprises a large 600ml chromed-brass pump with a brass quick-coupling connection onto 1.8m of reinforced PVC delivery hose. This hose then uses another brass quick-coupling connector onto the main heavily-reinforced, flexible, 1.8m rumen tube. The rumen tube has a smooth and heavy end-bolus to take the tube to the bottom of the rumen. At the top of the rumen tube there is a nose clamp. This is attached into the cow’s nose as the tube is fully inserted into the rumen. (Air should be expelled from the delivery tube.) The pump is stood into the bucket of drench - up to 40 litres. Each full cycle of the pump sends 600ml into the tube. The pump is easily dismantled, without tools, for cleaning or maintenance. The pump is 59cm tall overall, with a 52cm barrel diameter.

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