Debudder Butane Express Pistol

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Butane Gas Refill Express 110ml
215 399
$22.95 inc. GST
Debudder Butane Express Pistol Set cpt
215 655
$599.00 inc. GST

The Express debudder is made in France, and is supplied in a heavy-duty metal (burn proof) carry case, complete with two cans of gas and spare parts. One of the nicest features of this tool is the pistol-grip style. This makes it very comfortable to hold and use. The flame is ignited by the pistol trigger. Heat is adjusted by a knob at the back. Full 600°C operating temperature is reached in 3 minutes. A full gas canister should give 2 hours of full operation. The back shroud incorporates two legs for standing the debudder upright when hot. The tool is lightweight at only 650gm (with full gas tin). A unique and patented feature of this tool is a heat shield incorporated just behind the burning head. This deflects heat away from the tool body, the calf's ear and your hand. The reversible cautery tip features a deep cavity and a thin wall, allowing for good penetration and burn depth, even on slightly larger horns. Supplied with spare jet and replacement piezo lighter assembly.

*Tip is reversible


There are no parts associated with this product.


215655 and 215379 tips are reversible.

Horn Cap Removal

When doing cautery debudding, the bud cap DOES NOT NEED TO BE REMOVED. Removal of the cap does not improve dehorning, it increases risk of infection and creates more pain and discomfort for the calf. It certainly also risks expensive damage to ceramic-tipped debudders - damage that will void any warranty on the tool.

Cautery Debudding Tips

  • - Debudding is recommended before 8 weeks.
  • - After mustering, calves should be allowed to settle down before debudding starts.
  • - Consider the use of head bails, or a local anaesthetic to numb the horn area (older calves).
  • - It may assist to clip the hair to properly locate the horn bud and ensure a clean burn.
  • - Test the tool by burning a ring in a piece of wood, it should smoke immediately.
  • - The hot iron should completely "ring-bark" and cauterise the skin around the horn bud in 5 or 6 seconds. This is where the horn grows from. It is not necessary to remove the bud. The heat should cauterise blood and nerve vessels preventing bleeding and pain. Do NOT over-do. To guarantee no regrowth, the horn tip can be removed completely.
  • - If bleeding occurs, seal again with the hot iron. Clean debudder tip frequently with steel wool. Dirt build-up prevents proper burning.
  • - Do not put calves out in the rain immediately after debudding as infection may result. Return to a nice clean paddock with good shelter. Bud and scab should fall off in 4-6 weeks, and should not re-grow.
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