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Drench-Mate Drench Powder 8kg
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Drench-Mate Drench powder is a fresh-cow supplement from USA. It contains a mix of vitamins and minerals particularly beneficial for the just-calved cow. When a cow calves, she immediately loses about 50 litres of fluid. This can cause immediate electrolyte challenges. Early correction of this fluid loss can be highly beneficial. Addition of electrolytes should also be considered. Replacing the fluid loss promptly can engender early return to consumption of pre-dehydration food volumes - early return of full appetite, and consequently, early start of full milk production. This 8.6kg bucket should provide 10-11 doses of mineral mix suitable for direct rumen drench into the newly-calved cow.
We strongly recommend you consult your veterinarian about electrolytes, and food and water additives, that will help your cows to recover quickly from calving losses and dehydration.
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