Clippers & Blades


Aesculap A5-style blades are suitable for any 'A5' clipper. Dimension is clip height.

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$69.95 inc. GST

From ShowCraft, this is a compact lightweight pocket-size rechargeable trimmer. Perfect for all smaller clipping and touch-up jobs on horses, dogs or cattle. The set comes complete with blade, 3 x combs, charging station, cleaning brush and lube oil. The clipper is only 15cm long and weighs just 140gm. Blade cut width 28mm. A great clipper for fine work such as around ears and face. One hour clipping time after 8-hours full charge.

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$99.95 inc. GST

Kerbl-branded blade sets are made for Kerbl by Aesculap. Guaranteed highest quality.

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$129.00 inc. GST

Set of five quality Aesculap combs in a protective storage box. Sizes 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm and 25mm. These clip on to Aesculap and any other A5-style snap-on clipper blades. Use these to get uniform length clipping results.

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$115.00 inc. GST

The Econom shearing handpiece is the result of more than 100 years of Aesculap electric-shearing experience. It is supplied with a 4-tooth upper and 13-tooth lower blade, and with heavy-duty lithium-ion battery. There is an electronic controller which matches the battery output with cutting load. When there is little load the output reduces, extending battery life. The motor is brushless for minimum service requirement. Cutter runs at 2,700 strokes/min. Clipping time is 50-70 minutes on one battery, with recharge time of 70 minutes. The machine weighs 1,470gm and has a noise level of 72db(A). Supplied complete in a heavy-duty case. Instructions and lube oil included. This machine is top-of-range quality German engineering.

The Andis model AGC2 is a quiet powerful clipper suitable for heavy-duty use. All Oster and Wahl A5 clipper blades fit this clipper, as well as the Andis range of blades below. Supplied complete with size 10 blade and a bottle of lube oil.

These cast-alloy combs have rounded edges to prevent injuries on and from kicking or fractious animals. Assure consistent fast blocking. Fit Oster 510 & 610 Clip Master and Sheep Master models, and other horse clippers of most brands. High quality combs made by Stone Manufacturing Inc., USA. Set of 3 combs, depths 10mm, 13mm and 16mm. Mounting screws are included. Comb dimensions are 80mm wide x 75mm long.

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$1,595.00 inc. GST

The Heiniger 10.8-volt Xplorer cordless is the latest development in cordless clippers. The new Li-Ion battery extends clipping time to 2 hours. This battery also avoids the limiting ‘memory effect’ of older battery types. This clipper is very lightweight and easy to use, and very quiet at just 65dB(A). Supplied with size 35F-17 blade set. Advanced gearbox design reduces friction to increase performance. Reinforced fibreglass body. Weight only 990gm. NB: Xplorer is supplied with two batteries, for continuous clipping.

35F-17 is a horse/cow blade set to clip close to the skin. Coat length after clipping is 1-2mm.

The SaphirStyle ‘Pet’ is an A5-type 7.4v cordless clipper supplied with a 240v-rechargeable battery. This will give the clipper about 50 minutes of clipping time. Recharge in about 45 minutes. The SaphirStyle cuts at 2,400 strokes/min. The motor is quiet and powerful. A No.10 A5-style blade is included. A full range of Heiniger A5-style blades are available. The kit includes Heiniger clipper oil and cleaning brush. A good feature is the charging station which will take the clipper inserted whole, or just the battery on its own. This is very convenient, and also allows for recharging of both clipper and a spare battery simultaneously.

Excellent value small re-chargeable clipper. Can also be operated on mains power. Ideal for small trimming jobs around ears or face of cattle, horses etc. Approx 40 mins operation from 5 hour charge. Supplied complete with two comb attachments for 3, 6, 9 and 12mm cuts.
Note: These are touch up clippers only and not suitable for full grooming or heavy use such as clipping for freeze brands. Blade cannot be resharpened.
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$215.00 inc. GST
Designed specifically for the sharpening of electric clipper blades. Sharpening compound and full instructions are included. The double sided sharpening block is made of a special iron. One side to hone and sharpen, the other to polish and finish. Sharpen to professional finish in minutes, and continue clipping. Diameter 12cm.

Andis A5 blades fit Oster, Laube, Andis, Wahl KM-1, and Cable Drive clippers. These are superior clipper blades at a very reasonable price. Dimension in mm is clipping height.