Aesculap A5-style blades are suitable for any 'A5' clipper. Dimension is clip height.

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From ShowCraft, this is a compact lightweight pocket-size rechargeable trimmer. Perfect for all smaller clipping and touch-up jobs on horses, dogs or cattle. The set comes complete with blade, 3 x combs, charging station, cleaning brush and lube oil. The clipper is only 15cm long and weighs just 140gm. Blade cut width 28mm. A great clipper for fine work such as around ears and face. One hour clipping time after 8-hours full charge.

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Doc Brannen’s grooming sprays “Black Magic” and “Clear Magic” are used to paint over bad spots. They tame unruly hair, but are not colouring agents. Can be combed while damp or immediately after setting, especially for top-line hold in dairy stock etc. 10oz. (295ml) of magic. Aerosol.
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$32.95 inc. GST
Doc Brannen’s Tail and Head Adhesive is used where maximum hold is required, such as on tails and heads! Hair can be sprayed, and then formed by hand to the desired appearance, and the excess hair trimmed off. Can also be used to glue in hair as required to cover weak or bald spots. Big 11oz. (325ml) aerosol can.
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The Andis model AGR cordless is a powerful rechargeable clipper suitable for heavy-duty use. It will run for one hour on a fully charged battery, which recharges in one hour. Thus continuous clipping can be achieved with just one spare battery pack. All Oster and Wahl A5 blades fit this clipper as well as the Andis A5 range. Battery can be recharged without removing from clipper head. Batteries cannot be overcharged. LED lights indicate charge status. Supplied as a complete kit in a handy storage case including clipper, size 10 blade, battery, charger and lube oil.
Nicely made oval brushes with hard wood back. Soft bristle model for fine smooth finish. Nylon bristles are mid-range between soft and hard. Hard bristles are of brass wire and are suited to hard rubbing down to remove loose hair. These are nice quality brushes.
Mane and tail tooth pattern on a handle for even easier use! Cast alloy. 22cm o.a.
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These circular spiral combs are reversible, offering a choice of tooth pattern. The teeth on one side are smoothly rounded for thin coated animals, while on the other side are the sharp fitch-type teeth for thick or shedding coats. Two combs for the price of one! Popular world wide. Dimension is comb diameter.

Round-tooth comb with wood handle. Classic T shape. Teeth good length for effective combing and cleaning. Sturdy well made combs

Andis A5 blades fit Oster, Laube, Andis, Wahl KM-1, and Cable Drive clippers. These are superior clipper blades at a very reasonable price. Dimension in mm is clipping height.

Impact resistant plastic combs with stainless steel posi-grip blade clamp. Made by Laube but will fit any A5-style snap-on clipper blades. Rocker-bottom combs allow the clipper to be rotated during the cut to produce different clip depths. Measurements listed are nominal cut heights. NB: Do not use blade coolant on combs.