Stable Sundries

200 863
$12.95 inc. GST
Special shaped knife with serrated blade for removal of bot eggs. Composite handle. Length 21cm o.a.
204 269
$27.95 inc. GST
Standard-quality revolving punch. Six punches for 2.4mm to 4.5mm holes. This model has single-action handles. Useful punch for occasional use. Length 20cm o.a.
220 702
$49.95 inc. GST
Higher-quality revolving punch for the more professional user. Six punches for 2.0mm to 4.5mm holes. This model features double-action handles for more efficient and powerful punch action. Length 24cm o.a.
209 175
$16.55 inc. GST
An economical, all-purpose poultice dressing that contains no active ingredient. Steri-Protect is a highly absorbent cotton poultice dressing, with one polythene waterproof side. This side is used away from the skin. Apply to affected area and cover with bandage. Renew every 12 hrs for optimum healing. Steri-Protect can be used with any appropriate antibiotic or remedy. Wet or dry, in hot or cold water. Individual sterile pack.
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$99.95 inc. GST
A superb book destined to become the bible for all working horse enthusiasts.Edited by Diana Zeuner, also editor of the UK magazine “Heavy Horse World”, this book is a compilation of articles from leading heavy-horse experts covering a wide range of topics. Soft cover 240 pages with lots of photos and diagrams.