Shoes & Nails

203 601
$22.95 inc. GST
Economy version nail cutter, carbon steel. Cutter has bevel one side only for a ‘flush cut’ jaw. Length 15cm o.a. Weight 325gm.
203 602
$57.95 inc. GST
High-quality forged tool-steel clinch cutter from Nordic Forge, USA. Cutter has bevel both sides for ‘V’ jaw. Length 17cm o.a. Weight 325gm.
203 603
$49.95 inc. GST
For the farrier, or equestrian doing his own shoeing. Carbon steel. Length 32cm o.a.
Top quality forged-steel from Nordic Forge, USA. Professionally designed for use on high and low nails. Curved jaws for rolling-over of nails. Cushion-grip handles. Length 34cm o.a.
203 605
$109.00 inc. GST
Top quality tool from Nordic Forge, USA. This is a lightweight nipper designed to pull or cut nails. Heat treated jaws (see detail), cushion grip handles. Length 25cm o.a. Weight 440gm.
Note: Although this tool is designed as a nail cutter, it should not be used on hardened nails or wire.
203 606
$69.95 inc. GST
For cutting and removal of hoof nails. Top jaw passes inside the bottom jaw. Length 29cm o.a. Weight 700gm.
The Nordic combination shoe puller and spreader is forged and heat-treated for greatest strength. The polished tool has sharpened teeth on the outside edges for ease in spreading most shoe sizes and styles. Round knobs on handles make for easier tool selection. Top quality tool from Nordic Forge, USA. Length 30cm o.a.

Well known drop-forged carbon-steel shoes. Concave profile gives greater grip and allows escape of excess dirt and sand. Punched for wide range of nail positions. Supplied in pairs only. TC = toe clipped. QC = quarter clipped. All shoes are size stamped.

These shoe pullers are strongly-made Rekhi-brand forged steel. Both feature back-of-head serration grips for spreading shoes. Very solid tools, both 36cm long overall.