Feed Scoops

213 957
$7.95 inc. GST
209 566
$10.95 inc. GST

Here is a feed scoop design that really works. The hard-corner flat rim scoops cleanly off bottom of bins or containers. Water-level volume, and will stand like a jug when full. Made by Fjord.

Flat-bottom scoops let you get flat on the bottom of the feed container - cleaning it all out. A big advantage. Good quality scoops. Higher cost but worth the extra.

202 842
$15.95 inc. GST
Lightweight plastic scoop by Little Giant. Flat bottom to clean out containers properly. Well balanced. Good value.
208 008
$12.95 inc. GST
Traditional long-handle flat bottom style scoop is easier to use in deep containers, and keeps hands cleaner. All plastic.
Polished aluminium scoops. Round bottom is generally easier to penetrate feeds and grains.