Adhere is from the makers of Bovi-Bond, the well-known hoof repair system for cattle. Adhere is a fast-setting urethane adhesive designed to bond steel, aluminium and urethane shoes to the equine hoof. Also to fabricate small and large hoof-wall repairs. Adhere sets firm, but retains flexibility so that it moves with the natural movement of the hoof wall. Adhere has an initial set time of 1 minute, but doesn't fully cure for 6 minutes. After setting it can be rasped off to the required shape. Great for all hoof repair work. 50ml kit is a ready-to-use filled applicator.

Tubbease was developed by Shoof International Ltd following the development of the concept by local farrier Erin Hampson-Tindale. Erin was trying to solve the problem of how to soak or poultice a hoof without 'stewing' it - as happened much of the time with other regular water-proof boots. With Tubbease, a variety of treatments, poultices or bandages can be applied with the hoof, or liquid treatment* can simply be poured in or over the whole sock once it is on the hoof. The 'breathability' of the Tubbease sock allows the liquid to enter and soak the hoof, but then also to drain and dry out. Tubbease is an excellent vehicle for treatment of injuries and diseases such as abscesses, thrush, seedy toe, thin sole, cracks and fissures and general deterioration of the hoof.

*An easily-concocted remedy is two tablespoons of zinc-sulplate (available at vet or chemist) mixed into one litre of water. Epsom salts is another option. Apply as pictured.

NB: Tubbease should always be secured with the Velcro strap supplied. A bandage is not suitable or adequate. Replacement straps are available.

Our Tubbease Sole Insert is a simple disc of relatively-soft EVA material designed to be placed inside the Tubbease before application to the hoof. This insert cushions the hoof, reducing impact shock for very tender hooves. The insert is not intended for heavy or extended use.

Learn more about Tubbease.

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Following on from their very successful Cowslips product, Giltspur of Ireland have introduced a unique new horse ‘shoe’ that can be used for thin soles, brittle feet and is useful in some cases of laminitis or other hoof issues. Horse-Slips comprises a 1.5m-long coil of unique PVC-based flexible moulding that is glued around the perimeter of the hoof, using adhesive such as Equilox or similar (see above - not supplied in kit). The strip is cut to the exact required length, and glued in place. Horse-Slips comes in two sizes:
Small - coil 12cm diameter with 20mm sole-edge cover. Use for foals and ponies.
Large - coil 16cm diameter with 25mm sole-edge cover. Use for larger horses, hacks and thoroughbreds.
To use Horse-Slips, cut off the length required and ensure the hoof is well prepared, clean and dry. Fill the moulding cavity with glue and press onto the hoof. Let horse stand quietly for 24 hours. When correctly applied, Horse-Slips should remain in place for 4-6 weeks. Once removed, any remaining product or residue should be rasped off. One Horse-Slips coil should treat 4 or 5 hooves.

Soft, safe, non-burning Vet-Rope. The best animal handling rope you can buy. Easily machine washed (cold water) and improves with every wash. Excellent lunging or throwing rope. Length 5m and 9m o.a. with eye splices at both ends. Supplied in handy draining work-bag.

Shoof’s own house-brand cohesive bandage. We reckon it is a top bandage at a great price. Not as stretchy or as spongy as some cohesives, making it a nice alternative and complementary bandage where not too much elasticity is an advantage. Farmhand cohesive bandage is less likely to cause circulation problems. Farmhand cohesive does not stretch and loosen during active use. We recommend stretching to full length, then relaxing by half, as it is being applied. This will ensure the bandage is properly “set” for correct tension. All bandages are 4.6m stretched length.
CoFlex is a higher quality cohesive bandage from Andover Healthcare, USA. Coflex is a high-end bandage, thicker and more durable than most other cohesives. Use CoFlex for applications where endurance and reliability are most important.
Now for something a bit different - add a bit of fun and glamour with these high-quality Andover PetFlex bandages with addition of a plastic-based glitter strand woven in.
NB: These bandages are 'reverse-wound' in the Australasian style. (Glitter is on inside of roll.)

And now add a bit of fun when you are bandaging your pony or pet. Six cool patterns, each in appropiate colour. These are high-quality Andover bandages.

NB: These bandages are 'reverse-wound' in the Australasian style. (Pattern is on inside of roll.)

These are quality buckets from Little Giant, USA. The great feature of these is the flat back. This means that the bucket can be hung anywhere with a simple hook, or nail, or by using the specially-designed Little Giant wall mounting steel bracket. The flat back allows the bucket to be used as a feed or water bucket, hung simply and easily off the ground. Use different colours for different animals or feed contents. The optional handle grip - supplied in pack of 3 only - makes carrying full buckets a breeze. Bucket capacities 8 litres and 19 litres.

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“Shoof” is a shoe-for-a-hoof. This product is used both to protect a hoof from injury, and to assist in the recovery of a hoof after treatment.

Horse Shoof is a low-cost, highly reliable treatment for a wide range of hoof problems, including: seedy toe, stone bruising, excessive wear, splits, cracks, footrot, penetration, abscesses etc. The open design of the Shoof allows the hoof to “breathe”, which is essential for fast recovery.

Horse Shoof is supplied as a kit including copper-sulphate (bluestone) medication and a special bandage. These items have been especially developed to ensure successful treatment, even under extremely unfavourable conditions. (eg wet, and dirty paddocks or yards.) Horse Shoof can be re-used many times with our Shoof Refill-Kit components.

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This shoof-brand heavy duty bandage is highly adhesive for use when you really want the bandage to stay on in difficult conditions. Length 3.5m.