219 683
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219 684
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219 685
$27.95 inc. GST

If you need to handle your cat in a way that it might not like, the use of a muzzle can be essential. As well as preventing cat bites, the muzzle blindfolds the cat. This also calms it reducing aggression. Essential accessory if you are trying to groom, or treat an injury. Water-resistant nylon material with quick-close, Velcro neck strap.

211 981
$10.50 inc. GST
211 982
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211 983
$13.95 inc. GST
More and more conscientious dog owners are using muzzles to ensure their dog is not caught behaving badly. Also, wearing a muzzle will prevent your dog from eating poison baits in unknown areas. Our new-style Comfort muzzles are good for all dogs from the couch-potato to the pit-bull. These muzzles are strong and secure, but still comfortable for your dog to wear for longer periods. They allow good airflow for your dog to breathe and keep cool. Nice beige colour.
**Dimensions are maximum nose circumference (at nose bridge) and length from nose tip to circumference point.
202 118
$249.00 inc. GST
202 119
$249.00 inc. GST
202 120
$249.00 inc. GST
These muzzles were developed in New Zealand to solve the problem of dogs working in industrial situations, such as freezing works, where they are encouraged to make a lot of noise, but can not be allowed to bite. Made out of stainless steel rod and heavy duty vinyl coated webbing, they fit the dog snugly and comfortably. After a little introduction, most dogs happily wear the muzzle all the working day. The dog’s barking and drinking ability are unaffected. These muzzles will last the life of most dogs. Weight 330gm (medium muzzle).
** Dimensions are maximum nose circumference (at nose bridge) and length from nose tip to circumference point.
202 122
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202 123
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202 124
$39.95 inc. GST

This muzzle looks “doggy” and allows your dog better breathing and cooling than some kinds. Dark brown leather, with buckled neck strap. *Dimensions are maximum nose circumference (at nose bridge) and length from nose tip to circumference point.

202 141
$49.95 inc. GST
Made specially for Australian sheep dogs such as Kelpie and Border Collie, etc. Allows good bark but no bite. Adjustable head length only. Leather straps with nickel-plated buckles and nickle-plated cage. Dimensions are: width of cage 6.5cm, height of cage opening 12cm. Weight 165gm.
202 142
$39.95 inc. GST
Especially designed for Australian working dogs. The plastic cage has no sharp edges or corners and is very light. The smooth shape enables the dog to work in amongst sheep without getting wool caught up. Unlike wire cages wool can not be pulled through the plastic. Holes allow the dog to smell, and wide slots allow good air-flow. The dog can still drink without problem. Straps are PVC-coated webbing, with a quick-fit plastic clip to secure. Dimensions are: width of cage 8cm, height of cage opening 12cm. Weight 120gm.
209 683
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209 682
$29.95 inc. GST

The safe-handling dog muzzle has been designed primarily for use by animal-handling professionals such as veterinarians, vet nurses, groomers etc, to quickly and easily make a dog safe to handle. The muzzles are moulded from tough polypropylene, and have an adjustable webbing strap with a quick-fit/quick-release buckle. Although primarily designed for safe handling of dogs, the muzzles may also be used for general use. The muzzles can be disinfected and autoclaved. The small muzzle has a 55mm wide opening, and the large muzzle 85mm wide.

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Muzzles made of flexible nylon material with breathable mesh panel under the jaw. Adjustable head strap with quick release catch. Velcro closure on top of the nose. Reliable German Kerbl brand. (Size is marked on package.) NB: XXL muzzle is for large short-nose breeds. *Dimensions are circumference at bridge of nose (near eyes), and length of the muzzle along the nose.