Handling Products

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$199.00 inc. GST
Quality instrument for professional use. All alloy. Allows restraint at a distance of cats or other small animals. Length 75cm.
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$37.95 inc. GST
Standard high-pitch (211½) dog whistle with solid tone single frequency sound. Pea-less. ACME quality.
OK, so you can buy cheaper plastic ones. The problem is often they don’t work, and often the pitch is bad. These ACME whistles work, and your dog will respond correctly. Lanyard eyelet incorporated. Bite resistant.
Standard New Zealand manufactured plastic dog whistle, as used by Australasian sheep farmers for many years. Cheap enough to buy six at a time. Works great with a little practise. Lanyard eyelet.
The premium shepherd’s whistle. High quality nickel-silver manufacture. Insert in mouth, and manipulate with tongue. Produces widely varying and easily controlled range of pitches, whistles and commands. Ideal trials whistle.
Get more accurate notes than with a cheap plastic whistle. Still very low cost. Free lanyard eyelet. All stainless steel.
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$89.95 inc. GST
Ultimate whistle for training and commanding both working and domestic dogs. Almost inaudible to the human ear, but clear to your dog up to one mile (1.6 km) away, even when there is a lot of ambient noise from traffic or other activities. This whistle also incorporates an adjustable frequency device giving a range of 7400 hertz. A locking screw secures it at your chosen frequency. This whistle was invented and pioneered by ACME in 1935, and now comes complete with a leaflet “How to Train Your Dog”.
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$37.95 inc. GST
Produces very high frequency (210½) solid tone consistent sound. Pea-less. ACME quality.
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$199.00 inc. GST
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$499.00 inc. GST

From Genia France. This low-cost device enables you to remain clear of an aggressive dog whilst still retaining good control over it. Lightweight aluminium pole, with rubber grips and plastic-coated steel cable. Keeping tension on the cable loop retains the dog. Release when ready. Pole is 100cm long.

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$429.00 inc. GST

This holder from UK company MDC is top-of-range. Heavy-duty but lightweight aluminium pole with good handgrips and 6mm plastic-coated steel cable. The features of this holder are that as the cable is pulled through, around the animal’s neck it locks. So does not require constant tension. The cable is then released when ready, by pulling a small trip-ring mid-way down the pole. This is a superior device. Pole is 150cm long.

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$42.95 inc. GST
This sturdy pet parking facility is made from 8mm-diameter stainless steel rod mounted on a 6cm x 15cm labelled stainless backing plate. This is a quality fitting for any clinic or premises.
NB: Hook is slightly different from pics above.
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$249.00 inc. GST

Also known as a crush cage or squeeze box, this cage basket is particularly useful for tightly restraining a cat or other small animal whilst a veterinary procedure is carried out. Eg. Injection or remedy application. The top opens for easy input of the animal, then the squeeze bars are pushed in to restrain it firmly against the other side of the cage. Easy release when all done. 

Dimensions are 46cmL x 29cmW x 29cmH. Quality UK manufacture. Plastic coated wire mesh.