Companion Animal

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Quality instrument for professional use. All alloy. Allows restraint at a distance of cats or other small animals. Length 75cm.
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Doc Brannen’s Ezy Comb is slower setting and less stiffening than standard Grooming Adhesive. Use in areas needing minimum hold, where a natural look is still required. Can be combed. Big 14.5oz. (430ml) aerosol can.

Adhere is from the makers of Bovi-Bond, the well-known hoof repair system for cattle. Adhere is a fast-setting urethane adhesive designed to bond steel, aluminium and urethane shoes to the equine hoof. Also to fabricate small and large hoof-wall repairs. Adhere sets firm, but retains flexibility so that it moves with the natural movement of the hoof wall. Adhere has an initial set time of 1 minute, but doesn't fully cure for 6 minutes. After setting it can be rasped off to the required shape. Great for all hoof repair work. 50ml kit is a ready-to-use filled applicator.
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Kerbl-branded blade sets are made for Kerbl by Aesculap. Guaranteed highest quality.

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From ShowCraft, this is a compact lightweight pocket-size rechargeable trimmer. Perfect for all smaller clipping and touch-up jobs on horses, dogs or cattle. The set comes complete with blade, 3 x combs, charging station, cleaning brush and lube oil. The clipper is only 15cm long and weighs just 140gm. Blade cut width 28mm. A great clipper for fine work such as around ears and face. One hour clipping time after 8-hours full charge.

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If you need to handle your cat in a way that it might not like, the use of a muzzle can be essential. As well as preventing cat bites, the muzzle blindfolds the cat. This also calms it reducing aggression. Essential accessory if you are trying to groom, or treat an injury. Water-resistant nylon material with quick-close, Velcro neck strap.

Aesculap A5-style blades are suitable for any 'A5' clipper. Dimension is clip height.

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Doc Brannen’s Final Mist is the final step to ensure a winning entry! Use on cattle, horses, pigs, sheep or goats. Use just before going into the ring for show or sale. Brings out the best in your animal. Big 11oz. (325ml) aerosol can.
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Set of five quality Aesculap combs in a protective storage box. Sizes 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm and 25mm. These clip on to Aesculap and any other A5-style snap-on clipper blades. Use these to get uniform length clipping results.

Doc Brannen’s Livestock Shampoo is concentrated, so no need to over-do it. The specially formulated ingredients include powerful cleansers, but will not cause skin reactions, or leave any residue to cause dandruff or irritation. Two US quarts (2 litres).
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The Econom shearing handpiece is the result of more than 100 years of Aesculap electric-shearing experience. It is supplied with a 4-tooth upper and 13-tooth lower blade, and with heavy-duty lithium-ion battery. There is an electronic controller which matches the battery output with cutting load. When there is little load the output reduces, extending battery life. The motor is brushless for minimum service requirement. Cutter runs at 2,700 strokes/min. Clipping time is 50-70 minutes on one battery, with recharge time of 70 minutes. The machine weighs 1,470gm and has a noise level of 72db(A). Supplied complete in a heavy-duty case. Instructions and lube oil included. This machine is top-of-range quality German engineering.

Purple oil is purple. It is used to give your animal a beautiful sheen. Apply with a hand sprayer or rag. After application, rub the hair down with a rag soaked in Purple Oil, and allow 12-24 hours for it to work into the skin. Then shampoo. Repeat for a few days for top results. Later, if touch-ups are needed, use some Final Mist. Two US quarts (2 litres). NB: Will lose colour if stored in sunlight.