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This is a quality 240v tool with good power output. Ergonomic grip design. Heat to 570°C operating temperature in 10 minutes. A feature of this debudder is the close proximity of the element to the tip ensuring best maintenance of heat output in all conditions. Tips are of stainless steel for long life. The Kerbl debudder is supplied with a stainless steel stand for resting the device on during heating and between uses.


There are no parts associated with this product.

Debudder Tip Sizes

All measurements given are internal diameter of tip cavity. Tip walls are usually about 2mm thick at the edge, giving outside diameters about 4mm larger than inside measurements. We recommend tip sizes from 13mm to 16mm for calves up to six weeks old, and larger sizes for older calves.

Kids usually require tip sizes larger than 16mm for successful debudding.

Inverters and Generators

Due to the possibility of varying power output from these devices, our guarantees do not cover debudder failures when powered this way.


Take extreme care using electrical appliances such as our electric debudders outdoors. Use an isolating transformer. Take extra care with extension leads.

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